Today’s Tease…Juli Valenti

Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy a chat with Today’s Tease Juli Valenti

Your Name or Pen Name you use:    Juli Valenti

Title of the book you are promoting:  A Little Broken

 Link to purchase your Book: 

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Genre:  Contemporary Romance/ Inspirational Romance

Welcome  JV…I, LH have some questions for you 😉

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

JV: When I was growing up, I originally wanted to be a Princess. When that didn’t pan out, I wanted to be a superstar singer on Broadway…but that’s expensive. I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted to be everything, from a dancer to a singer, a nurse to a soccer mom.

LH: I didn’t really have a literary influence, I just decided one day to start writing. Who influenced you in your writing career?

JV: As silly as it sounds, my mom. When I was growing up, she was working on this book…she had dozens of these little journal things (literally…I think she had 20 or something at one point) where she was handwriting her story. I remember asking her all about her characters, what the story was – granted, she couldn’t tell me much at the time because it was a Harlequin-y type book, but still. I wanted to be like her… I guess I still do.

LH: I self published all of my books and was then “discovered” by a publisher. Are you an Indie or published author?

JV: Indie

LH: As an Indie Author, I was hesitant about being with a publishing company. If you are an Indie author, would you like to be published by a traditional publisher and if so, why or why not?

JV: I hope one day to be “discovered” – I think the reach that you get with a publisher is intense, and I’d love to have that someday. Until then, though, I’m content with sharing my book with those that want to read.

LH: This is easy for me…I’d invite Johnny Depp and I would not discuss movies! Who would you invite to dinner, living or dead, and what one topic would you NOT discuss with them?

JV: I’d invite Kim Harrison, and I would NOT discuss why she killed off one of my favorite characters, only to make me have a different favorite 🙂

LH: I personally think that there is way too much sex and violence everywhere in society these days and it’s everywhere but that Hollywood is one of the biggest contributors.  Do you think that society as a whole is subjected to too much sex and violence and are you concerned about it? Ever feel conflicted and if so, why?

JV: I do, and I don’t. Unfortunately, in my eyes, it’s not necessarily Hollywood that is the biggest contributor. We can no longer watch the news, or read the paper because it’s everywhere. It worries me because I’m not sure what the world is going to be like when my children are grown. I don’t want them to live in the dirty messy world of violence and sex, where only the prettiest and sexiest people are important…but, at the same time, I’d rather them be exposed through Hollywood where I can explain that it’s make-believe, and not real life. They understand the difference between made-up and actuality.

LH: I’m a huge softy and by no means a beauty queen… lol but, I truly would want world peace in the blink of an eye if I could make it happen…If you could change one thing in the world, in the blink of an eye, what would it be?

JV: If I could change one thing in the world, it would be the way we are all forced to live. As adults, we spend our entire life, living and working toward the weekend, only for it to be gone too quickly. I want to spend time with my children, without the stress of life in the world. To me, that would make the world a better place.

LH: With the traditional bookstore becoming obsolete and everyone turning to buying books online, I don’t buy the hype that “the cover is everything”. How important do you think book covers are now that almost all shopping is done online?

JV: Oh man! I can’t believe I’m going to admit it…but I’m a cover snob. I won’t buy a book unless the cover calls to me (generally). Without having the paperback in hand, the cover is the most important thing…On websites, you generally see the cover before you get the blurb or any of the reviews – if you don’t have a good cover people are less likely to click on it to get any additional information.

LH: I can remember wanting to write as a kid. I got a really late start! Have you always wanted to write and when did you start?

JV: I’ve been writing since I was 5. My mom bought me this Cinderella locking diary (you know, with the little dial pass code to open it?) and I filled it with ramblings of a child, which I thought were pretty epic at the time.

LH: I love to see if I can see myself in a character. What interests you most about a story?

JV: I want to fall into a story – I want to lose myself…if I can do that, then the author has won me as a reader for life.

LH: For me, I just get hit with this whole movie in my head and start writing. How do you come up with your stories?

JV: Personally, it changes. Sometimes I just get this random idea, write it down and get excited about it. Sometimes I actively look for a story that needs told, one that might not be written if I don’t outline it RIGHT THEN. Of course, I can’t keep up with my head!

LH: I can’t tell you or I’d have to…lol Are you working on anything now?

JV: I am! My new one is a challenge for me, both as a writer and as a person – but that’s about all you’re going to get from me. I *will* tell you that it is in a male’s POV…but anything more and I’ll have to…

LH: I’m working on #7…6 are published and the last is due out this year… How many books have you written? How many have been published?

JV: A Little Broken is my first full length novel. I have several short stories hiding on my laptop, as well as several other novels in the works.

LH: I write for fun I don’t even dream of riches…Do you write for fun or money?

JV: I write a.) Because I have to. If I don’t, the voices in my head won’t leave me alone…and b.) Because I want to touch someone. I want to write a story that will affect them, leave them thinking, and possibly bring something to someone else’s life.

LH: Some of my family members had a bit of a problem with me writing my first book “A Beautiful Liar” because the character Maggie West is basically me…to a point 😉 They had a problem with the genre and me “putting it all out there” so to speak so I took a pen name. They eventually came around as I have never cared who knows who I am what I’ve done or what they think of me. I’ve never wanted to be famous, just infamous! What has been your biggest problem when it comes to family or friends when writing?

JV: HA! I get a lot of “who’s going to read a book *you* wrote?” or things along those lines. I just laugh and shrug…

LH: I have never experienced writers block…I have experienced writers “don’t want to”… Have you ever experienced writers block and if so, how did you overcome it?

JV: I don’t consider it writers block, per se, I consider it slamming face first into a wall. When this has happened, I turn to a good friend of mine who is my sounding board. I generally know where I’m going and how I want to get there so she’ll ask me questions, we’ll bounce back and forth, and the light bulb will come on. Sometimes I will even walk away for an hour or two, let it simmer in my mind and dreams, and jump right back in.

LH: I get asked all the time “Do you have any advice for new writers?”… Do you?

JV: In the words of the great Lindy Zart, “Just do it”. You never know what you’re capable of until you try. It’s not always easy, but at the end of the day, you will always know that you’ve accomplished something incredible, even if only for yourself.

LH: I would not change one thing in my life as I would not be me if I did… If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

JV: I wouldn’t change a thing. As unfortunate as some things have been, and some of it has been really, really crappy, if I changed anything I wouldn’t be where I am, who I am, now. The thought that even a single grain of rice shift could take everything that means something to me now away, isn’t worth going back for a moment of difference.

LH: If I could go back in time and tell someone something, I’d go back and tell the founding fathers they were doing a few things wrong…If you could go back in time and tell someone something, who would you tell and what would you tell them?

JV: If I could go back and tell someone something, I would talk to myself (and not be considered crazy). I would tell the younger me to not lose hope, to not give up, to realize that I’m stronger than I think I am, and that the future ahead of me was brighter than it may seem.

LH: I would freak out if someone contacted me and said they wanted to make one of my books or my series of book into a movie as I am really very shy in person and I’d probably go into hiding. I don’t think I could handle it. How would you handle it? Who would be the first person you told?

JV: Oh gosh. I would cry…and laugh…and probably cry some more, all while curling up under my dinner table trying to get a hold of myself! The first person I would probably tell is my husband…once he coaxed me out of my stupor with a twinkie and red bull.

Thanks for that fun and honestly open interview JV…Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Sweet tea

Exercise or Bubble Bath? HA bubble bath.

Favorite Color? Silver

Take out or Dine in? Depends … if I’ve worked all day, take out. If I’ve got nothing better to do, dine in 🙂

Camping or Hotel? Hotel! I don’t like spiders…or snakes…

Sports or Chocolate? Chocolate. Lots of it. Nom nom nom
Dogs or Cats?
Cats… except mine who’s secretly plotting my demise…

Favorite Food? Junk food. Cookies, cakes, candy…things with sugar. I just can’t help myself

Favorite Song? This is a trick question! Right now? Roar (the acoustic cover) by Tyler Ward and Two Worlds

Favorite Movie? The Little Mermaid (oh hush…you know you love it too, and still have the urge to brush your hair with a fork)

Favorite Car? My Honda Civic Hybrid – it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned, and even seeing it waiting for me to drive makes me happy. Of course, my dream car would be a snazzy little audi or something.

Sex or Chocolate? (The answer “Both” is totally acceptable 😉 Either…both…

And now for the essay part of the interview 😉

LH: If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

JV: If I could go anywhere for a week…and money wasn’t an issue… I’d probably tour Europe with my husband. I’d love to visit Ireland, Scotland and England. I’m sort of boring 🙂

Thank you for spending this time with us. Make sure to pick up your copy of

Juli Valenti’s

A Little Broken


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