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Dark Chocolate

Collaboration by Leanna Harrow and C. Alexander Newkirk  (Thank you my dear friend…you are awesome! 😉

Roland and Anna had been friends for a long time. They had a lot in common. They had the same taste in food, music and movies. They had the same views on religion, politics and sex. They made each other laugh, listened to each other bitch and were there for each other when things were tough. It didn’t matter to either of them that Anna was thirteen years Roland’s senior.

It didn’t bother either of them that Roland was a tall, slender, handsome African American man and that Anna was a tall, redheaded, very Caucasian woman. They were both color blind. It helped that Roland had grown up in England and that Anna, was well, older and wiser. She had seen it all in her time and didn’t put up with ignorance or intolerance. Roland, having been raised in a culture fraught with ignorance and intolerance appreciated her willingness to accept him for who he was and not the color of his skin.

They got a lot of looks when they were out in public together. Anna found herself staring down the people she caught looking at them funny. She dared anyone to say something to her. She would have made a scene, right then and there! She was a fiery one. That was just one of the things that endeared her to Roland.

One rainy Sunday afternoon, Anna felt restless. She called Roland to see what he had planned for the day.

“What’s up butter cup?” she asked.

“Not much, I’m at Best Buy checking out video games” he told her. She smiled at the thought of him talking ‘gaming’ with her sons that were close to his own age.

“Come get me” she said with the smile still on her lips.

“On my way” was all he said before hanging up. Roland pulled up ten minutes after he had hung up with Anna. She jumped in the passenger seat of his car and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek as she always did. This time was different; she lingered there as she slid her hand onto his lap and up to the waist band of his jeans.

“Take me somewhere” she breathed into his ear. When he smiled at her request, she leaned back in the seat and fastened her seat belt smiling the sly smile she was infamous for.  They drove to an ocean front hotel and Roland looked over at her.

“Are you sure you want to do this” he asked. “You know once we do, there’s no going back to the way things were” he cautioned her.

“I’m very well aware of that. Go” she nearly demanded. Roland smiled at her again and disappeared into the hotel lobby. He returned moments later and pulled the car to the back of the hotel. He got out of the car and went around to Anna’s door. He opened the door and took her by the hand.

He locked eyes with her and pulled her to her feet. She smiled that smile at him again and he pulled her to him. He pushed the hair from her face with his long, soft fingers. She shuddered at his touch. He never took his eyes off of her. He released her body but not her gaze. He walked her backwards to the door of the hotel in an almost dance like fashion. She was hypnotized. She had thought of this moment many times, even fantasized about it but now that it was here, she was entranced by him. His long lean body, his dark smoldering eyes, they way his touch made her skin tingle.

He slid the key card into the door and pushed it open and her through it. He continued the dance. He took her face into his hand, his eyes still locked onto hers. He seemed to be lost in the blue ocean that was her eyes. Inspecting each speck of green and gold that danced in them. He kissed her gently, softly, respectfully. She moaned into his kiss. She was on fire at just the thought of what he might do to her.

He led her to the bed, took his phone out of his pocket, hit a button and music began to play. “Yes, this man is smooth in every way possible”  she thought to herself as she closed her eyes and licked her lips letting the images of what was to come cross her mind. Roland stretched out next to her on the bed. Anna turned onto her side to face him.

“You know,” he began.

“Don’t Roland” Anna interrupted. “We’re both adults, this isn’t going to change anything. We both want what we want. We both know the deal. No expectations, no disappointments” she finished with that damn smile again. He kissed her, this time it was not gentle, soft or respectful it was deep, passionate and hungry. She returned his kiss. He slipped his arm under her and she took that as her cue to move over top of him.

Anna straddled Roland as he reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse. Another moan escaped her as the goose bumps raised on her skin. His hands were skilled; she could only imagine what his cock could do. As the image crossed her mind, she bent down and kissed him again. She kissed him deeply, exploring the depths of his mouth with her soft, wet tongue as he removed her blouse and bra.

Once he had her bare, he pushed her back to look at her. He placed his large, soft hands on her shoulders and traced down her arms and then up her sides, cupping her large, soft tits. Anna’s shoulders raised and her head tilted back as he gently manipulated her nipples. His kneading and the huge bulge she felt pressing against her slit brought her to her first orgasm.

Roland again gently took her by the shoulders and guided her onto her back. He traced a finger around the edge of her face as she smiled that smile at him, down the hollow of her neck, around the swell of her breast, across the dip of her belly to the button on her jeans. He slowly, deliberately unbuttoned and then unzipped them.

The deliberateness of his actions was driving her insane. He was such a tease and she loved it. She had never had a lover take such pleasure in exploring and exposing her. She thought it might drive her insane but didn’t mind it knowing what he had in store for her. They had after all, talked in great detail of his past sexual exploits. She had to admit that she’d been intrigued but skeptical about the whole tantric sex aspect, but was becoming a firm believer in its powers.

He slowly pulled her jeans off. He looked up at her with raised eyebrows when he discovered that not only was she not wearing any panties her supple mound was clean shaven. She smiled that smile at him again as he slowly parted her legs. They started to shake uncontrollably as he slid her up further on the bed.

He took his place between her parted legs and traced up from her foot to her calf, from her calf to her thigh and from her thigh to her hip. The shaking was like nothing she had felt before. She tried unsuccessfully to control it but did manage to cum again. He smiled at her. “He must really get off at knowing he can make a woman cum with just one finger” Anna thought to herself as she pulled her legs up and rolled over onto her stomach. “He’s going to have to work for it” she told herself smiling that smile.

As if he’d read her mind, Rolland got up from the bed and went out to his car. He returned a moment later with two small bottles of oil.

“We have a Boy Scout in our midst ladies and gentleman” Anna said with a laugh.

“I just had this feeling when you called, there was something in your voice” Roland told her.

“Stop talking” she ordered him. Roland happily obliged. He walked to the head of the bed; to the side where her head was turned so that she could witness him remove his clothing. He slowly removed his clothes. She was going to tease him back and close her eyes but she couldn’t  She was struck by the beautiful form of this magnificently constructed creature. He was tall, lean and built like a God. She watched each of his fluid moves, the desire she had for him growing like a raging wild fire.

Once he had removed his boxers, he grabbed the bottles of oil and made his way back to the bed. He straddled Anna’s hips and nestled his cock between the cheeks of her ass. It was as large as she’d imagined. She moved herself against it and came again; this time a deep, throaty moan escaped her as she did.

As she came, Roland bent down and grabbed her shoulders with his oily hands. He grabbed her hard; her dug into her deep and rubbed her good. He worked her like a pro. She lay there, while he rubbed away the tension and stress from every muscle in her back. As good as it felt, as close to letting go of reality that she got, she never forgot that his giant cock was mere inches from slipping into her soaking wet, aching sweet spot.

When she could take no more of the massage or his cock tantalizing her, Anna lifted her ass, beckoning Roland to enter her. She didn’t think that it was exactly how he had planned but he eagerly obliged her. He slipped his long, thick rock hard cock into her wet, tight, welcoming pussy. He did it slowly, methodically and deliberately. He might have given her what she wanted, but he did it the way he wanted to.

That was all it took. Anna tightened around his hardness and came so hard she cried out. She rose up onto her knees as Roland pulled her onto him. His strokes were slow and shallow as he stoked the fire that raged between her thighs. She had awakened his dominance and now she would pay for it.

“What are you waiting for? Give it to me” she shouted behind her.

Roland responded by grabbing a handful of Anna’s hair and jerking it back, just short of being hard enough to be painful. His eyes smoldering with something she had never seen before in this young man that she had known and joked with not too long ago.

“If you want something, it’s polite to ask for it” he said as his lips curved into smile both menacing and beautiful at the same time.

To drive his point home, he began stroking her slowly. Giving her a little more on each stroke, just to quickly enough to withdraw and begin the torture anew. Her passions began to overwhelm her as she sank deeper into the sensations he was giving her. Never did he give her more than a third of what he had to offer. A promise of what could be, if only she were a good girl.

“Please Roland…God, don’t make me beg. Just give it to me, baby” she rasped as she began to lose what little lucidity she had left. She belonged to him now and there was no going back.

Roland answered her plea by slowly and agonizingly sinking into her inch by inch over the next two minutes before skillfully withdrawing and smacking her marble ass in one deft stroke. The sting of surprise brought her out of her daze just as he slammed himself deep inside of her hard and fast, His frenzied strokes causing stars to dance before her eyes.

He lifted himself to one knee, putting one hand on her shoulder and cupping her breast in his other. He slowed down, but went just as deep. He worked her like a well-oiled piston, pulling her body to meet each stroke before flipping her over onto her back. He looked into her eyes as he lowered himself into her, watching every contortion her face made as he begin to thrust in earnest.

Her body surrendered to the pleasure he offered as her legs wrapped around his ankles. He cradled her head in his arms as the pleasure built in him. He was reaching his limit. Her body had shared it’s secrets with him. He was now part of the cabal. All that was left was the offering.

He pushed himself up with one arm and grabbed a handful of hair with the other hand, forcing her to look at him. He kissed her furiously as his body began to shudder with his release. She could taste the shudders in his breath and the warmth that flowed into her cause her to climax in tandem. When the shudders had subsided, he broke the kiss and slowly trailed his tongue from her bottom lip to the top before smiling and placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. He stood up, lifted her into his arms and carried her to the showers where more pleasures could be discovered and boundaries broken.

They left the hotel room smelling of sex and looking like burglars had tossed the place. Roland dropped her off at home late that night. Anna threw her coat and purse into the chair and collapsed onto her bed. She reached down and laid her hand on her now throbbing and swollen pussy. She knew she’d be sore tomorrow but smiled at the thought of it, the smell of Roland on her skin and the knowledge that he was now her very own piece of dark chocolate.



By Leanna Harrow

She lay on the bed with her eyes closed. It had been a long day and as she lay there she could feel the tension in her entire body. She ran her hands through her hair and stopped at the base of neck. She used her fingers to massage her neck.

She applied the perfect amount of pressure, went in deep and rubbed in small circular motions as she lay there with her eyes still closed. She could feel the tension subsiding when she caught a glimpse of him in her mind’s eye. He always seemed to come to her when she was still, quiet or had her eyes closed.

She continued the slow circular motions with her hands. She could still see him there, his bright blue eyes, his wavy blonde hair and his brilliant white smile. It was just like him to taunt her.

She slowly moved her right hand to the front of her neck keeping steady pressure on it as she could imagine him there doing it himself. He had always loved her neck. It was long, soft and she loved it when he applied pressure to in any fashion.

She could see him, bending down, gently pressing his lips against hers and then making his way to the hollow of her neck. Her nipples hardened at the thought of it. A smile crossed her lips as it did each time she thought of him.

She slowly traced her hand from her neck, down her chest to the swell of her breast were she lightly brushed across her nipple. She could actually feel him there, touching her, teasing her and making her wet.

She arched her back as she brought her other hand to her other breast. She cupped them like he would, pushed them upward and took her nipple between her thumb and finger. She could see him doing this too. The smile was back on her lips as she could not only feel the wetness but now smell it as well.

Just the thought of him drove her crazy, crazy with desire, crazy with want crazy with need. She released one of her breasts and used her hand to slowly make its way down her stomach, across her more than slick mound and make its way to her thigh where she traced little circles up and down it. She could see him doing that as well.

She slowly and methodically traced the pattern of circles up to her now aching and sopping wet sweet spot. She could see him look up her and smile as his finger slowly traced her lips before ultimately sliding across her clit.

She imagined him there doing just what she was doing for herself. She wondered what the warm wetness that she felt, felt like to him as she moved her fingers slowly back and forth.

She could feel him go deeper as she went deeper. She could feel him come back up and work her clit as she came back up and worked her clit. She focused on the thought of him, his fingers and that brilliant smile as she came so hard she shuddered.

As she lay there thinking of him she didn’t think of the bad times, she didn’t think the good times, she only thought of the times without him and the fact that she never really needed him.


“A Short Run”
 By Leanna Harrow

 “Bill, I’m going for a short run, I’ll be back in twenty minutes or so” Laura called out to her husband. She waited for a minute but didn’t hear him reply. She put her headphones in and headed out the door. It was just getting dark as she ran towards the park at the end of their street. It was kind of dark out there but they lived in a very safe part of town. She had run at that park a thousand times and loved the fact it had a track that circled the entire park. She could run it twice in fifteen minutes.

Laura ran the loop with the music on her I pod running through her head. She also loved the fact that she could come, run, let the music play and let the stress of the day melt away. As she rounded a corner on the track she saw a flash. It was an instant and he had her, one arm around her waist and one over her mouth. He dragged her off the track and into the nearby bushes. Laura kicked at him with all the fury she could muster. It did no good.
He had her on the ground in seconds. In Laura’s mind it took hours to be dragged from where she had been running to where he finally threw her to the ground. She landed with a thud. The breath left her with a sharp pain in her right side. Had he just broken one of her ribs? She couldn’t think about anything but the shadowy figure dressed in black that was moving over her at what seemed like the speed of light.
“Scream and I’ll kill you. I know where you live and I’ll kill your husband first” the masked man told her. Fear seized Laura’s heart.
Laura turned over onto her stomach and scrambled to get to her feet. The black clad man grabbed her by her feet and dragged her further back into the brush. She tried to scream but the screams wouldn’t come. The motherfucker had broken her rib!
He grabbed her, pulled back into the brush where he wanted her and flipped her over onto her back. Laura started kicking, aiming for his balls. He grabbed her feet and bent them to her knees as he fell onto his. She began her assault with her fists on his head, shoulders and face. He pinned her legs with his and grabbed her hands. He laughed. Laura was furious at this point. She stopped struggling. If he wanted to fuck her, it was going to be like fucking a corpse.

“Good girl, you can just lay there if you want, just don’t scream because I swear to God, I’ll come back and kill your husband, then you. Got me bitch?” he asked. Laura did nothing but nod her head.

He held her hands above her head as he removed her jogging shorts. He was really glad she hadn’t worn spandex. He hated fucking spandex. He was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. That made his job a little easier. He pulled his jogging pants down, his hard on ready and waiting.
Laura spat in his face. He smiled at her. She began twisting under his grip. She had decided that if he wanted it, he was going to have to fight her for it. He used his free hand to slip two of his fingers inside her. For someone fighting not to give it up, she sure was wet, he liked that.
He removed his fingers and put them to her lips. She opened her mouth with a smile and he slid them in. Laura promptly bit down on them as hard as she could, drawing blood. The man pulled his bleeding fingers from her mouth and slapped her across the face leaving a smear of blood across her cheek.
He had obviously had enough as he reached down and slid his now throbbing cock into her. He fucked her hard, making her cry out. He liked that. He made sure he had her hands secure and used his free hand to lift one of her legs so that he could get deep and fuck her good and hard. He’d teach this bitch not to bite.
He got her leg up and over his shoulder and continued fucking her as hard as he could. He lost his grip on her hands at one point and Laura used the opportunity to slap him across the face and try and gouge his eyes out. He quickly regained control of those flailing arms of hers. She sure was a feisty one! He liked that too. The more she fought, the harder he fucked her.
He felt it in his balls; he was getting ready to cum. He slowed his pace and she started bucking to get him off of her. He knew that if he didn’t go back to it she might get the better of him, this one was a real pisser. He decided to flip her over and go at her from behind. He got her on her belly and held her hands behind her back. He pulled her up and entered her from behind.
He fucked her slowly, methodically for what seemed like hours to Laura. When he decided it was time, he fucked her so hard she thought she’d pass out. Finally, he came. He released Laura’s hands and handed her, her jogging shorts. She slowly put them on as she was now sure her rib was broken.
“Nice touch spitting in my face” the man said.
“I think you broke my fucking rib” Laura said running her hand over her side.
“Oh god, I’m sorry babe, I’ll go get the car and take you to the emergency room” her husband told her.
“And just what am I supposed to say when they ask how this happened? ‘My husband and I were shaking things up a bit and he got a little carried away in a rape scenario’ that would make us look a little strange don’t you think?” she said with a laugh and a wince.
“We can tell them you fell in the shower” Bill said.
“I guess we could, you just have to play a long and not get that stupid look on your face or a raging hard on thinking about what really happened” Laura said as she punched her husband in the arm.



By Leanna Harrow

 “Doctor, you’re needed in exam room one, Stat” the beautiful young Nurse said to the strikingly handsome Doctor Mark Robbins as she peeked into the exam room he was discharging a patient from.

“I’ll be right there,” he said as he promptly excused himself from the patient he was currently with. The tall, lean Doctor walked down the hallway with a sense of urgency. He reached exam room one and opened the door. The nurse looked at him from where she was perched on the edge of the exam table.

“This is not funny Cassandra” the doctor said sounding agitated.

“But Doctor Robbins, it really hurts” she said pouting. The Doctor walked to the side of the exam table and stood next to the raven haired beauty.

“Can you show me where it hurts Cassandra?” he asked her. Cassandra placed her right hand over her heart. She ran her hand down and over her right breast, pausing at her nipple. She twisted it from the outside of her uniform. She could see the rise in the Doctor’s khaki’s. Cassandra continued running her hand down and across her stomach to her pussy. She slowly rubbed her clit, again from the outside of her uniform.

“Hmmm,” Doctor Robbins said as he took out his stethoscope. “Lie back,” he said. She did as he instructed, he placed the end of the instrument between his fingers and slipped his hand under Cassandra’s smock.

“Take a deep breath” he commanded. Cassandra drew in her breath as he slid the stethoscope across her hardened nipple. His hand left the instrument and caressed her tit. A moan escaped her throat. She reached over and caressed his pulsating cock.

“Is it serious Doctor?” Cassandra asked.

“I’m afraid it is,” he told her. “I’m going to have to consult Dr. Graves if you don’t mind.” he said.

“I don’t mind at all” she purred as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed his colleague.

“Mike, it’s Mark, I need a consult on Nurse Kramer in exam room one, Stat,” he said into the receiver and then abruptly hung up. He turned his attention back to his current patient. He walked over to the cabinet and took out a hospital gown. “Put this on” he instructed.

He stood and watched as she unbuttoned her smock revealing her pink lace bra. Cassandra stepped down from the exam table and removed her uniform pants revealing matching pink lace panties. Doctor Robins let the hospital gown drop to the floor.

There was a knock on the door and Doctor Robbins opened it to let the equally handsome Doctor Graves in. Doctor Graves reached down and locked the exam room door behind him.

“Doctor Graves, nurse Kramer has the same problem she had a couple of weeks ago, I’m afraid it’s worsened and we’ll need to repeat the procedure we performed on her, this time, we’ll need to be a little more thorough” Doctor Robbins informed His concerned looking colleague.

“I concur,” Doctor Graves said as he began removing his clothes. “Cassandra, we know you’ve undergone the treatment we’re prescribing before, but we still have to ask, do you give us consent to treat?” he asked as he and his associate finished removing their clothes.

“Yes Doctor” Cassandra giggled hopping back up onto the exam table. Doctor Robbins walked over and took his place, standing behind Cassandra as Doctor Graves took his place standing in front of her. Cassandra had suffered from this ailment for a while and knew exactly what to expect from the treatment she was about to receive.

Doctor Graves removed Cassandra’s pretty pink lace panties. She got up onto her knees in the middle of the exam table and faced Doctor Graves. She kissed him as Doctor Robbins ran his hand down her spine and found her sweet spot with his fingers.

She was wet and waiting for his eager fingers as he slipped them inside of her, a moan escaped her and found its way onto Doctor Graves’s chest, where her lips happened to be at the moment. Cassandra sucked on and then bit the Doctor’s nipple just enough to make him moan as well. Doctor Robbins withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his tongue.

Cassandra came again with him just placing his wet, warm apparatus on her sweet spot. He began slowly, licking her in long, slow, deliberate strokes. He then proceeded to lick her hard and fast making her juices flow. In the meantime, Cassandra made her way down Doctor Grave’s belly until she came to his throbbing cock and took him into the wet warmth of her mouth.

She sucked him in slow and deep, licking the tip of his swollen member every time she came up on him. She was enjoying the tongue lashing and finger fucking she was getting but was ready for the huge cock she knew Dr. Robbins was packing. Cassandra stopped sucking on Doctor Graves for a moment.

“Doctor Robbins is it time for the first injection?” she asked almost begging.

“I do believe you’re right Cassandra” he replied as he slowly guided his throbbing hard cock into her. Cassandra sucked in her breath as he pulled her onto him. She eagerly went back to work on the rock hard cock of the first doctor as the other doctor drilled her hard and fast from behind. Cassandra slowed her pace on Dr. Graves’ massive hard on as she knew what was getting ready to happen.

“Doctor Graves,” Doctor Robbins said breathlessly. “I think we need to change the dosage” he recommended.

“I agree completely” Doctor Graves replied as he left the sweet depth of Cassandra’s mouth and made his way around the table to change sides with Doctor Robbins. Once they had switched places, Doctor Graves told Cassandra to lie down on her back across the table. She obeyed the Doctors orders.

Once Cassandra was on her back, Doctor Robbins placed his hands on the sides of her head and tilted it back so that he could slip his cock into it, knowing how wet and warm it was going to be. She eagerly took him in, licking his shaft as she took him in deep. As she sucked in Doctor Robins’ long hard cock, Doctor Graves slowly slid his hard cock against her clit making her cum again instantly. He grabbed her hips and concentrated on stroking her clit as the other good Doctor steadily fucked her mouth.

No longer able to resist, Doctor Graves slipped inside the sweet hot box of the patient they were feverishly, trying to cure. Cassandra’s moans were stifled by Doctor Robbins rock hard cock buried deep in her throat where her moans were stuck. As Doctor Robbins deep-throated her and Doctor Graves pounded her good, Cassandra couldn’t help but shudder and cum, harder than she ever had during a “treatment”. As she did, both good Doctor’s did the same and spewed in each of their respective, warm moist places.

Both doctors removed their instruments and helped their patient back into the upright position. The trio dressed as there were more pressing cases in the Emergency Room to tend to.

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