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Excerpts from my collection of Thriller Erotica, Romance Erotica and my Comedic Debut 😉
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Due to Mature Content~Over 18 years of age ONLY
Excerpt from “Killing the Desire” Released February 2013
"Killing The Desire" Cover Art

He stood over her, smiling, cock in hand. As he gently stroked it, he looked deep into her beautiful, deep, dark blue eyes. The kind of blue that you only find in the ocean waters of the Bahamas. They were blue, but they were sprinkled with tiny specks of green and gold.

My God, they are beautiful eyes, he thought as he got close to cumming again, those gorgeous eyes fixed on him. Those gorgeous, brilliant blue eyes!

They were deep, soulful, kind eyes. They were mesmerizing and captivating eyes. They were also dead eyes. He’d seen to that when he choked the life out of her with his bare hands fifteen minutes beforehand. She hadn’t been fucked proper in a long time, so he knew she had thoroughly enjoyed the fucking she had just endured. He could tell by the way things got a little rough. He liked it rough. Afterwards, when it came time to finish her off, this one hadn’t put up much of a fight. He had wondered a couple of times beforehand if she was going to be a problem as she was in pretty good shape for pushing fifty. She must have known she was no match for him because she really didn’t struggle much. She just kind of grabbed his hands, pulled at them a bit, opened those beautiful blue eyes of hers as wide as they’d go and went limp in his grasp.

No time to reminisce, he thought to himself as he shook off the image. It was time to clean up his mess. As good as jacking himself off felt, he had work to do. He knew that his ultimate release would come later, at home, when he replayed the scene of the actual moment he snuffed the life out of her over and over in his head. It would feel better than actually fucking her had.

He picked up her lifeless body and carried her into the bathroom. He placed her into the tub of hot water that he ran while he went into the laundry room to get the bleach. As he left the bedroom to go to the laundry room, he picked up the condom he used and its wrapper and placed them into the plastic baggie he’d brought with him. He placed the baggie in his pocket to take with him. He returned to the bathroom and poured the bleach into the tub to make sure he hadn’t left any evidence behind. As he watched the tub fill with more water, he thought about the mundane dinner they’d shared and the boring stories she told him about her “wonderful” children. She did mention the fact she had a couple of daughters. He wondered what it would be like to fuck them proper too, and then choke the life out of each one of them as well.

He also wondered if she’d known she was eating her last meal at that very moment, would she have gone ahead and ordered the dessert? The dumb bitch, what did she expect meeting strange men off the internet? He scanned the bathroom and bedroom to make sure he hadn’t left any other evidence behind before he returned the bleach to the laundry room and left. He was meticulous like that. He left her there, in the tub full of bleach water, eyes open, blank stare on her face, a smile on his, just like he’d left the others.


Excerpt from “A Beautiful Liar” Book 1 of the Maggie West Series 

FINAL A Beautiful Liar Cover_200x300_dpi72 

Maggie West grew up believing in fairy tales  which is perhaps why she got into the mess she did. Her poor, misguided mother told her the same, bullshit story all of her life. You know the one. You meet a man, get married, have his children, and live happily ever after. Ah, yes. Every little girl’s fantasy.

By adulthood, Maggie had concluded it was a total and complete crock of shit. After her third marriage failed, Maggie moved in with her youngest daughter to wait for the ink on the divorce papers to dry, yet again, so she could pick up the pieces of her pathetic, shattered excuse of a life—eking out a living as a freelance contractor while watching the days turn into weeks, months, and years. Every little girl’s fantasy. Yes, it was a total, fucking crock of shit.

Maggie had four children by two different men. She had two girls and two boys. She was passionate about her kids. You didn’t fuck with Maggie’s kids. Maggie felt bad that she’d affected her youngest one by marrying her latest mistake and moving out of town. She married him after a long relationship had gone south and decided—after just six weeks of knowing him—to marry him. This decision was in spite of the fact that he couldn’t get it up and keep it up, no matter how hard he tried. He eventually quit trying.

Maggie didn’t even care after a while, which was really sad. Maggie had always cared about sex—a lot—but she’d never really been stable when it came to choosing men. She always seemed to choose the bad guys. They were the ones who would abuse her, mistreat her, and use her.

Her first husband was a drunken skirt-chaser. So was her second, as well as most of her boyfriends. She was only seventeen when she married her first husband after having only known him a month or so. Her motive? She desperately wanted to get out of her mother’s house. She didn’t have time to get to know him, either. All she cared about was getting away from her negative, sad sack of a mother. She didn’t know that pills and alcohol were his first love. She didn’t know that he was looking for a way out, too. She didn’t know how abused and broken he was. She didn’t know he liked strange pussy better than hers. She didn’t know that twenty-five years later, those pills and alcohol would be his last love.

Excerpt from “Maggie’s Men” Book Two of the Maggie West Series  


Maggie told Christian her whole life story. He listened as intently to its conclusion on the second flight as he had to the beginning of it on the first flight and the middle of it during their layover. She was so animated, so vivacious, and so spirited when she spoke. She lit up when she talked of the beautiful liar. She really had a way with words. Even more, he couldn’t help but look into those big, beautiful blue eyes, listen to that deep sultry voice and get lost in her words.

“So, when he came to the hotel and told me that he had lied about his name and said he was an heir to the Moroccan throne, I kind of flipped out. I told him I was done, that he had lied to me for the last time and that I wanted nothing more to do with him. Then, I left Rome and headed home,” she said as she turned her head away from him to look out over the wing of the airplane at the clouds.

“I would have done a little more than flip out if I were you,” Christian said as he laughed.

 “To be honest,” Maggie said looking back at him with a smile, “I wanted to punch him in the fucking face.” She didn’t know where that came from as she had never been a violent person. The sweet-looking elderly lady sitting in the seat next to Christian leaned forward and spoke up.

 “I’m sorry dear, but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I find it hard to believe that you would walk away from an heir to the Moroccan throne over something so insignificant,” she said.

Maggie felt her blood begin to boil. She had always been good at keeping calm in pretty much any situation. She usually thought about what she was going to say before she said it but this was just not one of those times. Maggie leaned forward, peering around Christian.

“Really, well I find it hard to believe that you would sit there, listening to our conversation and then have the nerve to make a statement like that not knowing what the fuck you are talking about! I suggest you mind your business!” Maggie practically shouted at the woman who was now sitting there with a complete and total look of shock on her face.

“Why, I never!” the old woman said.

“Well maybe you should!” Maggie shot back at her as she slowly sat back in her chair. The woman quickly got up and left her seat. Maggie looked at Christian with a smile on her face as she was sure the old lady was off to see if the flight attendant could find her another seat.

“God that felt good!” she exclaimed.

“Wow, I guess you told her!” Christian said with a smile slowly crossing his lips.

“I know, right! I have never done anything like that before and I don’t know what’s gotten into me but she just chapped my ass! I mean seriously, she had it coming,” Maggie said as she thought about how good it felt to tell that old bitch where to get off.

 Maggie had taken so much shit in her life that it actually felt good to give some of it back. Who did that old lady think she was anyway? That old lady didn’t know half of the story. She didn’t know the abuse Maggie had suffered all her life at the hands of her mother. She didn’t know the abuse that Maggie had suffered all her life at the hands of men. She didn’t know that Maggie had raised four children almost single handedly. She didn’t know that Maggie had suffered through beatings, a rape, and countless other tragedies. She didn’t know that Maggie had all but given up on love. She didn’t know that the man she and Christian were talking about had lied to her from the beginning of their relationship and promised to never to lie to her again. She didn’t know that this man had tricked Maggie into trusting him and into flying halfway around the world to meet him. She didn’t know that he had lied to her again and that was something that she would not tolerate. She didn’t know anything and it thoroughly pissed Maggie off. It pissed her off to the point that she felt rage in her chest. It pissed her off to the point that if she weren’t afraid of being cuffed by the US Marshall, she would have punched that old lady in the face! 

Excerpt from “A Collection of Short Stories By Leanna Harrow From the Fun to the Fearsome”  

SS Book Cover


“So, what did you think of the movie?” he asked.

“It sucked” she replied.

“Really, I thought it was pretty good” he retorted.

“You would” she said smiling at him. She was baiting him, she had been all night. She started at dinner when she sat next to him in the booth caressing his cock through his jeans while they talked and ate their dinner. Then again in the theater when she plopped her legs on to his lap, exposing her open toed shoes with her freshly painted toenails knowing he had a serious foot fetish. She had kicked off one of her shoes as she had a job to do.

She cleverly maneuvered her foot over to where she could stroke his throbbing cock with the sole of her foot during the movie. When she tired of the over the pants foot job, she snuggled in close to him and let her hand take over, and smiling to herself at the wet spot she had created on his jeans.

And my Comedic Debut…”Me, Myself & I…Funny Fights I Have With Me, Myself & Well…I”


Me: That sister in law of mine is a nut!
Myself: Why do you say that?
I: I know! I know!
Me: Because she married my brother…twice…the second time after twenty years! *laughing*
Myself: I find it funny that you’re laughing. Didn’t you marry your first husband twice?
Me: Well played…


Me: Oh My God!
Myself: What now?
I: I know! I know!
Me: Franny is so funny! We were talking about bipolar disorder and when you might know if you suffer from it… I told her it usually comes on when your first child is born. I know that’s when it happened to me…I thought she‘d die laughing.
Myself: You think you’re so funny.
I: Hey, she is pretty funny…
Me: Well, I thought milk was going to shoot out of her nose when I told her that grandkids make you tripolar…
Myself: Now that, is funny.
I: Oh Snap!

bipolar tshirt

Excerpt from “Maggie’s Misery” Book Three of the Maggie West Series Releases November 2013  


Maggie and Adrian spent a glorious two weeks in Hawaii before heading off for an additional two weeks in Rome. They had picked Rome because Maggie had always wanted to see the sights there even though the last time she was there had turned out to be a disaster, she wanted to return and take in the beauty and culture that the city had to offer.

While there, they soaked up the sun, took in the sights and made love daily. Maggie had never known true love or real peace before and knew that this was as close to heaven on earth as she was ever going to get, but she couldn’t help feeling that there was something not quite right.

It had started on her wedding night as she took to the dance floor for the first dance with her new husband. She had the uncanny feeling that she was being watched. She chalked it up at the time to nerves and enjoyed the rest of the reception and their time in Hawaii with the family.

The feeling had followed her to Rome. They were sitting at the hotels outdoor cafe having breakfast one morning when Maggie noticed a man at a table across the way, watching them.

“Adrian, do you see the man in the sunglasses at the table behind you?” Maggie asked.

“Yes” Adrian replied after nonchalantly looking over his shoulder at the man.

“He’s watching us” Maggie said.

“What makes you think that my love?” Adrian asked her as he took a drink of his coffee.

 “ I’ve been watching him,” she said raising an eyebrow.

“Well, darling, maybe he’s watching you, watch him” Adrian said with a chuckle. “I would be watching a beautiful woman too if I noticed her watching me” he finished.

 “No, it’s not like that,” Maggie said as she shifted in her seat. “He’s been here the whole time we’ve been here and he’s been watching us I tell you. It’s starting to give me the creeps” she said as she leaned in closer to her husband. “He reminds me of one of Amir’s goons at the airport” she said with a slight shiver.

“Well, I highly doubt he’s a goon, or has anything to do with Amir. I think your wild imagination is in overdrive as usual. Can you please just let it go and enjoy your breakfast my love? We only have one more day here, please just let it go.” he asked smiling sweetly at her. Maggie’s face relaxed and a smile crossed her lips.

“Only if you promise to do to me what you did to me last night when we get back to the hotel room” she said with a wink.

“Deal” Adrian said through his own smile. They finished their meal, paid the check and set off to see some of the magnificent sites that the city of Rome had to offer. They visited the ColiseumSt. Peter’s Square and Rajan’s Markets where they picked up some wonderful souvenirs for the kids and grand kids.

Maggie was sure that on two separate occasions during their sightseeing excursion, she saw the very same man she had seen at breakfast but decided against pointing him out to Adrian for fear of he’d think she was having some sort of psychotic breakdown.

They continued their excursion through Rome and ended the day with a fabulous meal at La Tavernaccia where they dined on family-style lasagna, fresh baked bread and wine which, since neither of them drank, went straight to their heads. They walked arm in arm back to the hotel giggling all the way. Adrian whispering in Maggie’s ear what he was going to do to her when they reached the hotel didn’t help keep her from giggling.

Maggie looked up from giggling into Adrian’s shoulder and there he was again! The man she’d seen all over Rome! She knew it was him. The same clothes, the same coat, the same look on his face when their eyes met. She knew now for sure that he was following them!

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