Me, Myself & I…Funny Fights I Have With Me, Myself & I ;)

This page is dedicated to my comedic debut book…
“Me, Myself & I…The Funny Fights I Have With Me, Myself and Well….I”
Below are some of the funny thoughts we fight about…
A Special thank you to Mr. John Quinlan for his appearances in my book, dreams and fantasies 😉
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Me: *Banging my head on the computer screen*
Myself: What on earth is she doing that for?
I: Because she took on another project! She’s agreed to upload YouTube audios of the radio show she does for Renegade Talk FM…and the first one was the show she did on Friday with John Quinlan…you know…the male romance cover model… He’s so yummy *sighs*
Myself: Is that why you’ve been stuffing your face with Lindor truffles for the past three hours?
I: Um, well, Hey! She’s the one banging her head on the computer screen!
Myself: Yes, well, have you heard his voice? He’s got that Boston accent, and you know how she’s a sucker for accents… He’s also so very sweet and humble, more of her weaknesses. I know you’ve seen his pictures! I’m surprised she hasn’t broke out B.O.B…
I: I think you spoke too soon…
Myself: It was you and those damn Lindor’s!
I: Yay! B.O.B.
Model John Quinlan Military Soldier 2 (1)Me: Woooo Hoooo They’re gone! A whole week with the house to myself! No cooking…no babysitting….no clothes!
Myself: You know damn well you’re not going to walk around the house in the buff…
I: Oh Snap!
Me: Well, I could if I wanted to. I do know B.O.B. will be getting more of a workout than usual. GOD I do love it when it’s so quiet, peaceful and serene!
Myself: Poor B.O.B. You’re going to wear him out if you’re not careful.
I: Ohhhhh…That means chocolate too! Yay!
Me: Good thing B.O.B. is like men, you can always just go out and pick up another one ;)

bar scene

8 responses to “Me, Myself & I…Funny Fights I Have With Me, Myself & I ;)

  1. Jon


  2. Oh boy… I’m falling about laughing!

    By the way, since I seems to be so obsessed with it… three words: black forest cake.

    You’re welcome.

  3. If you had been fighting with yourself over a slice of fruit pie, it would have made much more sense. I made a perfect Black Forest Torte for my daughter’s 16 birthday. It ruined all desire to ever attempt that or eat a slice since.


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