Poems…The Lighter and Darker Side of Leanna Harrow


From the first day I laid eyes on you

Every color had a brighter hue

Your tiny hand curled into a ball

Into love I could not help but fall

As you grew and began to learn

My mind would wander and my heart would yearn

You grew so fast and got so smart

I knew not far off was the day you’d break my heart

You fell in love and made a home

You did like children do and left me on my own

I watch you now and couldn’t be more proud

I watch your children growing up to become happy, healthy, beautiful and loud

I pray I get to see the day

You get to feel, the same way

Leanna Harrow

My Mind’s Eye

In my mind’s eye, you occupy time and space

It’s filled with the image of your haunting face

Your sweet words my head they do fill

As I lay my body down to get quiet and still

The day is finished, over and done

I go to my dreams where we are no longer separate, but together as one

Leanna Harrow 


Could It Be

Could it be that you have found a place in my heart?

Where it’s been waiting for you to claim it from the start

Could it be that you are the one that is meant for me?

That fate has said this is going to be

Never before could I see, a future laid out in front of me

Now I dream of what’s yet to come, us together, meant to be

Leanna Harrow 

Walk Into Hell…

I let you into my so called life

You paid me back with the jagged blade of your knife

I foolishly let you touch my heart

I knew better from the start

You taught me well

You walked me straight into hell

From this dream I will wake

With that all too familiar ache

Never again will I give my heart away

You saw to that on this very day

Leanna Harrow 

Bitter Sting

Why is my heart such a mess?

I used to not care less

You woke it up and made it sing

Now all I can feel is loves bitter sting

It is better off tucked away, on a shelf, out of reach

No way for you to hurt it, break it into pieces; devour it like a ripened peach

All that you left is a gaping, hollow hole where it used to be

Thanks to you, I am no longer strong, no longer safe, no longer me

Leanna Harrow


A Beautiful Liar

You are such a beautiful liar

With just words you can set my heart on fire

I wanted to be caught in your web, to walk into your lair

The stories you told, you told with such flair

You sucked me in and bled me dry

I knew better, but had to ask you why

With what you told me, I wanted to die

I knew you would just tell me another beautiful lie

Leanna Harrow 


The Key

Could it be that a man like you could want a woman like me?

After years of sorrow, how could I be so lucky?

Should I set my caged heart free?

Look around and try to find the key

My mind races with thoughts of where it could be

But my hands have found it hard to hang onto the elusive key

Or should I keep it where it’s safe, where I think it should be?

Forever throwing away, what may be what’s meant to be

Leanna Harrow 

Patiently Wait

I sit here and patiently wait

Early evening turns into late

Wishing I could see your precious face

Have you take me to that special place

Open up my heart, walk through its gate

I sit here and patiently wait

Leanna Harrow 


As I see you sitting there

Amidst the hot suns blinding glare

So much mystery, so many secrets you will not tell

While all along you known me oh so well

I wonder what deep dark secret lies behind your eyes

Wondering what I can do to quiet your silent cries

To take you into my arms, hold you close and make you feel loved

For you will always be my beloved

Let me in, let me close

I’ll be the one to love you most

Leanna Harrow


If you’re quiet, you can hear

The whisper I send to your ear

If you are still, you will feel

The touch I lay upon you, cold as steel

If you close your eyes and take a breath

You will smell my scent, I smell like death

Live this day as if it were your last

Once I come for you, there is no more past

Leanna Harrow


5 responses to “Poems…The Lighter and Darker Side of Leanna Harrow

  1. Donna Beasley


  2. wonderful poetry, can i get ur poems in my mail, sunnimoonali@yahoo.com

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