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***We Temporarily Interrupt This Broadcast To Bring You The Following Important Information***

I am DELIGHTED with the overwhelming positive response to “Today’s Tease”!

A Great Big Thank You to my Friends and Followers and a special Thank You to the authors who have participated.

There are more great interviews coming!


I have decided that I am going to expand Today’s Tease to include other facets of the publishing industry.

* Acquisitions editors

*Copy editors

*Publishing CEO’s

*Graphic Designers

*Marketing Managers

*Cover Models

and more

There is a lot that goes into publishing a book. Writing is the easy part!

(DON’T tell anyone I said that!)

I want to bring the people behind the scenes, that dedicate their lives to the craft up front and show them some love as well!

If YOU know anyone in the industry please feel free to pass this along as I would love to interview them and give them some props 😉

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program 😉

You May Be In For A Humpy Ride!

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I Need All Goodreaders To VOTE!

There is a New Authors Contest on Goodreads that I’d LOVE to win…

I could really use your votes!

“Killing the Desire” is

“A Beautiful Liar” is

“Maggie’s Men” is

Please take a moment to pop over and vote for me…won’t you! 😉

xoxox L


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3…The countdown is ON!


Only 3 more days until the “Meet The Author” event at Eternal Press…

Meet the Authors Session One begins at 2PM ET.
Meet the Authors Session Two begins at 7PM ET.
There will be door prizes given away at both events.
Come on over to Live Chat at http://eternalpress.biz/chat.php

I look forward to seeing ALL of you there!

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Make sure you go…

Make sure you check out the EAT Reading I did for Tessie L’Amour’s “Blind Passion”

I’m one view ahead of Bliss Morgan…we can’t have me lose now can we?

GO…Watch it! Make sure you hit the “Like” button

Thanks guys…You are awesome!

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Eternal Press Launch Day & Release Info

Launch Day & Release Info

My fellow Eternal Press newbies and I asked a very good question to the other, more seasoned authors. What does Launch Day mean, and where/when will my novel be available on OTHER sites?
From what I gather, Launch Day is JUST for Eternal Press.
“Killing the Desire” will be available on the Eternal Press site ONLY on the first of February, but it *will* also be uploaded to everyone’s catalogs.
So, you’ll be able to see it there, but not order it, NOT YET! Get it at Eternal Press anyway, they support us!
Here is a wee timeline from one of the other EP author’s that had their release over the summer:
Available in the Kindle Store (Amazon): 2 days*
Available in the Nook Store (Barnes & Noble): 1 week*
PRINT Edition on Amazon: 2-3 weeks*
PRINT Edition on B&N: 2-3 weeks*
Available in the Kobo Store: 2-3 weeks*
Available on iTunes: Approx. 8 or so months*
* = Days/Weeks/Months AFTER Launch Day (February 1st).
That puts the approx. dates as:
Kindle eBook: Monday, Feb 3rd, 2013 (unless it’s business days, then it would be the 5th)
Nook eBook: Friday, Feb 8th, 2013 (again, unless it’s business days, then it would be the 11th)
PRINT Amazon: Anywhere between the 15th-22nd of Feb (business days: Feb. 20th- Mar 1st)
PRINT B&N: Anywhere between the 15th-22nd of Feb (business days: Feb. 20th- Mar 1st)
Kobo: Anywhere between the 15th-22nd of Feb (business days: Feb 20th-March 1st)
iTunes: Sometime during or after September 2013. It may be a little after that date, as it is an approximation.
Just so ya know…I didn’t 😉

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It’s my pleasure to introduce yet another fine Eternal Press Author!!

Ross S. Simon           Author of             Red Dahlia (forthcoming) &  The Snow

Find him here:

Ross S. Simon was born Sam Ridings in La Crosse, WI in 1979.  He moved at age nine to Santa Cruz, CA, where he still lives.  He graduated from Cabrillo Community College, Aptos, CA, in 2005 with an AA in Basic Liberal Arts.  His hobbies include pinball gaming, collecting pop memorabilia, and reading very interesting novels.


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Introducing another FABULOUS Author friend of mine! Say hello to…

Dina Rae      Author of     Halo of the Damned  Halo of the Nephilim (spring)  Bad Juju & The Last Degree

Find her at http://dinarae.co

FB: https://www.facebook.com/DinaRaeBooks

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/dinaraebooks/

Follow her on Twitter   Twitter: @haloofthedamned


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