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Catfish Alert!

***Catfish Alert***


This person…CARL SENG is a SCAMMER below is the link to prove it.

He is using a US Service man named Chris Anderson’s picture to do it! As the daughter of a Korean POW and the mother of a US Marine.

I am appalled by the use of pictures of our service men and women!

Please do your part and share it with your friends on all social media sites!

I have made it my mission to rid social media sites of these parasites!

Just copy and past the link, all you have to do is click on it to access it.

Thank you in advance for re-blogging 🙂


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I have been inundated with “Catfish” lately. I have decided that the only way to fight them is with this. Feel free to follow my lead 

Dear Catfish,

I don’t know what made you think I wouldn’t expose you.
I have written books about predators like you. I don’t
know what you’re thinking, but know this; it’s
not going to end well.

You could be honest in your words yet you choose
to use someone else’s. You could be honest by posting your pictures
and let the world see your face, yet you use pictures
of other to hide behind, causing more victims.

You prey on caring people for the thrill of it.
You gain a persons trust to ultimately break it.
You take pleasure in others pain when you should
be looking into yourself to figure out why your life
is so empty.

Know this dear Catfish, I will friend you every time you
ask. I will post this letter every chance I get so others can see you, for who you really are.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t know any better
and will believe your lies.
Be assured, I will show them that you are nothing more than a fraud.

Now that you’ve been exposed for the lying, manipulating scourge that you are,
go back to your internet cafe and boot up your laptop, make another profile for me to
expose and know that I will not stop until you do.


Not a Victim
(The link proving they are not who they say they are goes here) 😉

PS. If someone out there reads this and thinks they are the victim of a catfish , Please IM me and I’ll be happy to show you how easy it is to catch them. 


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