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Raising Children…

A friend of a friend of mine made a comment about her being able to see the other friend not allowing her children to come into contact with strangers and keeping them locked in the house due to fear.  Long gone are the days of sleeping with your doors unlocked, letting your children roam the streets until the street lights come on and not arming young children with cell phones, alarm equipped backpacks and in some cases, mace.

My response was this:

OMG! You just made me lol…You just described my youngest daughter! When she announced she was thinking about home schooling her son (an only child) I said “Oh, good idea, the world needs another serial killer…” I was so, not kidding as that kid NEEDS and now THRIVES around his peers!

I raised 4 kids, they all went to head start, they all went to public school and they all turned out to be happy, healthy and relatively normal. I say relatively because, well, I am their mother…

They don’t have “crazy, dangerous, child molester or abusive” chips in people that we can scan….yet. You just have to trust that wonderful thing we mothers have that’s called “women’s instinct” and let them go do and be who they are going to be because at some point, you will have no control, no matter what you do and will you’ll have to come to peace with it.

I need to write an instruction manual for child rearing, it would be simple! It would read…

“Congratulations on your new baby! Feed them, wash them, love and cherish them because the rest of it is instinct!” The End

It’s all so true 🙂

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