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We can’t have Jingle Balls but…

There’s uproar over Kmart’s Musical Joe Boxer commercial but it’s okay to watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show crap?


Jingle BallsSeriously? Bring on the Balls!



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Happy Thanksgiving…

My your day be filled with food, family, friends and fun.

May you have time to enjoy it before Black Friday’s stressful run.

May your time together be nice and your pumpkin pie contain just enough spice ūüėČ

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…enjoy!

thanksgiving feast


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My Hope For The Holidays…

Everyone hustles and bustles about during this time of year, trying not to forget something for someone on their list.

They don’t give a second thought to the tens of thousands out there who just feel like slitting a wrist.

Families gather, give thanks, open packages and enjoy a plate of delicious pie.

They don’t give a second thought to those who have no one, nothing and just wish to die.

I do. 

I think of you, I care, I ache and silently, I cry.

My children will catch me looking away, lost in a distant thought and say “what’s wrong?” They know when I tell them in response “Nothing,” it’s a lie.

They know that for Christmas, I wish everyone had a home, food, clothing and work.

They know, I wish people loved each other, this planet we call home and that on it, evil did not lurk. 

They know, my heart aches for those alone, with no one to sit with them, talk a while or just listen and share a smile. 

They know, I’ve been there, done that, been in those shoes and have walked that mile.

They don’t know how simple those things are because they are busy, young and carefree.

I do.

My hope for the holidays is that everyone will do a random act of kindness.

I hope they will take their children and visit a rest home where our forgotten, who have no families that visit, and just sit and let them enjoy their company and the life that radiates from their kids.

I hope everyone will take time out of their busy schedules and donate time to a soup kitchen, food pantry or Mission so that our country’s homeless will get that much needed hot meal.

I hope everyone will volunteer some time to Meals on Wheels, The Wounded Warrior Project, sponsor a family from a church or school anonymously or work at any other credible charity that is in need of money, time and resources.

I hope that this year, each of us can touch a strangers life, in a loving, positive and giving way so that THIS is the Holiday season, that stranger remembers, for the rest of their lives.

That is my hope for the holidays.

My you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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She has to be out tomorrow! We need your help!

I have a dear friend,¬†Vicki Rose Stewart¬†who works tirelessly with authors running¬†event parties¬†on Facebook as well as doing¬†editing¬†and¬†promotions¬†for them. She is truly a¬†warrior. She has beaten cancer and is embroiled in a bitter legal battle over her young daughter Sophie as her ex husband’s family has more money than¬†God¬†and took her away¬†while Vicki was¬†sick with¬†lymphoma!

I’m happy to report that even though she wanted to die while fighting cancer because they took her daughter, she¬†KICKED¬†cancer’s ass and is in remission! She is also fighting, with the help of the MN State Attorney General’s office to get her back! She needs a home to come back to.

This is where you come in. I am donating $250.00 of my very limited income to Vicki and her kids as she has found a place to live and is short on the funds needed to move in. She  is still $350.00 short of having the first & last months rent and deposit. If she does not come up with this money by tomorrow, Friday November 1st, she and her other children will be homeless on the cold, snowy streets of Minnesota.

I cannot fathom the thought of¬†anyone¬†on the cold, snow covered streets of Minnesota in November, much less someone I care so deeply about. I need¬†YOUR¬†help. I don’t care if it’s $5, $10 or $50, please go to PayPal and send a donation to¬†Arkgirl1@aol.com¬†RIGHT NOW.

Search your couch cushions, clean out your car, just find whatever you can spare to help out this family in their time of need.¬†It may mean you have to take a sack lunch to work, give up going to the movies this month or skip a mocha half calf meow meow meow¬†(2 Broke Girls fans will get that…)¬†JUST¬†DO IT.

There is no one more deserving than Ms. Stewart as she literally works herself to exhaustion daily and with the  Holidays  right around the corner, I am begging you to look into your heart, pull out your debit cards and help this beautiful, talented, devoted, cherished and courageous woman RIGHT NOW!

Please donate under¬†“Friends or Family”¬†so she will avoid fees and then share this post. Vicki does so much for others that it’s our turn to do for her. Thank you and Please don’t forget to¬†SHARE her PayPal address and her story! Please send payments and words of support to¬†Arkgirl1@aol.com!

Stay positive Vicki!

We love you Vicki!

PS. I don’t ask anything from anyone as I have always “done it myself,” ¬†but I am the first one to offer my assistance. I believe I was put on this earth to help others. Please have been put here to help others too and help this courageous and deserving woman regardless of how little you can donate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Leah aka Leanna Harrow

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