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Explicit Excerpt From Killing The Desire..

The following is an explicit excerpt from my new release “Killing the Desire”

It’s available at http://eternalpress.biz/people.php?author=529 and amazon.com by searching Leanna Harrow


He stood over her, smiling, cock in hand. As he gently stroked
it, he looked into her beautiful, deep, dark blue eyes. The kind of
blue you only find in the ocean waters of the Bahamas. They were
blue but sprinkled with tiny specks of green and gold.
My God, they are beautiful eyes, he thought as he got close
to cumming again. Those gorgeous eyes fixed on him. Those gorgeous,
brilliant, blue eyes!
They were deep, soulful, kind eyes. They were mesmerizing
and captivating eyes. They were also dead eyes. He saw to that
when he choked the life out of her with his bare hands fifteen minutes
beforehand. She hadn’t been fucked properly in a long time,
so he knew she thoroughly enjoyed the fucking she just endured.
He could tell by the way things got a little rough. He liked it
rough. Afterward, when it came time to finish her off, this one
hadn’t put up much of a fight. He wondered a couple of times beforehand
if she would be a problem, as she was in pretty good
shape for pushing fifty. She must have known she was no match
for him, because she really didn’t struggle much. She just kind of
grabbed his hands, pulled at them a bit, opened those beautiful,
blue eyes of hers as wide as they’d go and went limp in his grasp.
No time to reminisce, he thought as he shook off the image. It
was time to clean up his mess. As good as jacking himself off felt,
he had work to do. He knew his ultimate release would come later,
at home, when he replayed the scene over and over in his head of
the actual moment he snuffed the life out of her. It would feel better
than actually fucking her had.
He picked up her lifeless body and carried her into the bathroom.
He placed her into the tub of hot water he’d run and went
into the laundry room to get the bleach.
As he left the bedroom to go to the laundry room, he picked
up the condom he’d used and its wrapper, placing them inside the
plastic baggie he brought with him. He shoved the baggie in his
pocket to take with him.
He returned to the bathroom and poured the bleach into the
tub to make sure he hadn’t left any evidence behind. As he watched
the tub fill with more water, he thought about the mundane dinner
they’d shared and the boring stories she told him about her wonderful
children. She did mention the fact that she had a couple of
daughters. He wondered what it would be like to fuck them proper
and then choke the life out of each one of them as well.
He also wondered that if she knew she was eating her last meal
at that very moment, would she have gone ahead and ordered the
dessert. The dumb bitch. What did she expect meeting strange
men off the Internet? He scanned the bathroom and bedroom to
make sure he hadn’t left any other evidence behind before he returned
the bleach to the laundry room and left. He was meticulous
like that. He left her there, in the tub full of bleach water, eyes
open, blank stare on her face and a smile on his. Just like he’d left the others.


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