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Today’s Tease….Cover Model…John Quinlan

Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy a chat with Today’s Tease, the yummy cover model… 

John Quinlan!  

Your Name: John Quinlan 

Links to where we can find you: http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Quinlan/109918015779005












Profession: Model

Welcome JQ….I, LH have some questions for you 😉

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

JQ: I wanted to be a professional baseball player. Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts we are all sports fanatics here. I was and still am a huge Boston Red Sox fan and Wade Boggs was my childhood idol. I remember going to Fenway Park and seeing him in person for the first time and he was like a damn God!

LH: *Fans herself as she imagines John in a baseball players uniform then snaps back to the interview ;)*

LH: I can remember wanting to be a movie star when I was a little girl, but alas…How did you break into the modeling/acting/show business?

JQ: I have been modeling for many years which started out in the gyms with fitness related shoots for brochures and catalogs. Over time I just branched off into different genres as time went on as people that were around me encouraged me to.

LH: Well, it seems to me, all that time in the gym has paid off in more ways than one!

LH: I’ve heard that modeling/acting/show business is stressful and demanding. How do you handle the pressure and make it look like so much fun?

JQ: I think when you do it long enough it becomes a lifestyle and I have become comfortable with that. It is like brushing my teeth every day, there are things I do on a daily basis as a creature of habit at this point. I don’t have any pressure because in my heart I do the best I can and I can live with that regardless of what people say or think. I think modeling is a challenge and I like that. It pushes me to take my body to new limits and the rewards are amazing. It truly is fun for me and if a person has a goal to stick with something for the long haul it has to be that way or it’s not going to happen.

LH: I love to see that you love what you do and that you don’t care what others think…I’m the same way 😉

LH: I detest having my picture taken! What’s the toughest part of modeling/acting/show business for you?

JQ: I think I am a perfectionist and like to give a client the best product I can deliver. No shoot ever goes exactly as planned and that is the hardest thing for me as I want everything to flow nice and smooth 24-7. Reality check…..never happens! So “rolling with the punches” is just something I have to deal with on a regular basis in this business.

LH: lol…I’ve rolled with the punches all my life and look at life like “no expectations…no disappointments” after a hundred years of disappointing myself because I couldn’t please everyone, it was time to change my outlook 😉

LH: I have a very bad body image as I used to be very heavy and lost 100 pounds. I get a lot of looks now and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Do you ever get tired of being drooled over? (Not like I’d ever do that 😉

JQ: First of all Leanna, you are a very beautiful lady that I am honored to be sitting here with right now doing this interview. You shouldn’t be uncomfortable with people looking at you because they are looking at you with admiration and that is quite the compliment. I will be honest with you Leanna, I never viewed myself as anything that great. People tell me from time to time positive comments and nice feedback on my model shots but I am really just a regular guy that is fun to sit down and have a drink with and just chat. I will let others decide on that J

LH: Well, I can tell you that your words are sweet but I still see “her” in the mirror. When I look at you…well, I’ve never been a visual person but I see someone that I would have never approached as you are truly spectacular. I can honestly say from the time that I’ve spent with you, you are one of the kindest, most generous men I have ever met. *as she grinned sweetly at him*

LH: I’ve seen your face, body, etc. grace many places…Give me a list of your favorite assignments.

JQ: There are too many to name but my favorite assignments have always had the same things in common. Nice weather, very relaxed atmosphere and a great photographer. The combination of all 3 makes for the best assignments.

LH: I’m biased…this is my favorite *she says as she smiles sheepishly*

LH: I’m working on a secret project…Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d care to share?

JQ: As far as upcoming I have a Physique show in just 2 days. I will be competing on stage at the 2013 NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships. This show really has some emotional meaning as it is exactly 1 month to the day my grandfather passed away. He was like my father. I am going with my good friend who is a Boston Police Officer who was involved in the shootout with the 2 Boston Marathon bombers last Friday morning in Watertown, Massachusetts. Talk about motivation here, this is like something out of a movie script. I am a featured romance cover model at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Kansas City next week. I will be there May 2-5 so if there is anybody who would like to stop by and say hello please do! I have some other projects but I have to keep those secret for now J

LH: See, not only beautiful on the outside but deep and beautiful on the inside as well. I wish you a safe and fantastic time at both events!

JQ: I LOVE to shoot pool to unwind and relieve stress. What do you do to wind down? JQ: Well, I have 3 little children and with my crazy schedule it doesn’t leave me much time to relax. I think at this point just taking a drive in the car by myself to just get away seems to be doing the job. I was going to check out Yoga but I just don’t have the time at the moment but someday I will. They say it is great!

LH: I raised 4 of them pretty much on my own, the do grow up one day…then bring more, just like them back with them! Lol

LH: A long those lines…When I was very young, I worked in the Special Events department at Caesars Tahoe and got to stay after a billiards tournament with Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats to knock around a few balls. It was one of my favorite memories from my time there. What is your favorite celebrity story?

JQ: There are lots of stories Leanna and so many great people along John Quinlan’s journey but I would have to say the arm wrestling match against New England Patriots Defensive Tackle Chad Eaton back in 2000 at the nightclub I was working at. Chad was a monster and weighed over 300lbs. so when the challenge was made the atmosphere became electric. The place was packed, music was pumpin’ and all the employees and patrons gathered around us both for this show down. My adrenaline was on over drive and the lead singer of the band that night, Chad LaMarsh actually put $50 on me that I would win! I knew I was in trouble when Chad locked hands with me and it was like my hand was engulfed in a baseball glove fist. Anyway, Eaton crushed me but it was quite the moment and makes for one of my most memorable and favorite stories to this day!

LH: That was an awesome story John..I can just see you all amped up…muscles bluging! What doesn’t kill us, makes for great stories 😉

LH: I have always wanted to start a charity for terminally ill adults. Is there something special that you’ve always wanted to do?

JQ: That is great Leanna, you are such a wonderful and kind person. Yes, I have always wanted at some point to do a similar thing. I love children (especially with 3 of my own) and it really hurts me when I see so many children who are abused and neglected. I would like to do my part to help them at some point in my life.

LH: Awe, I knew you were a big teddy bear *she says smiling that smile of hers again*

LH: It’s guilty pleasure time! Mine is Grey’s Anatomy. I get mad when the season ends, can’t wait for the new season to begin, will be devastated beyond even daring to imagine when it ends and find myself crying at some point in nearly every episode! What one television show is your “guilty pleasure”?

JQ: LOL, great question! These days I really don’t get a chance to watch any television with the kids dominating them so I have to go back a few years when my guilty pleasure was in full swing. I remember I used to watch this show called, “Playboy Night Calls.” It was hosted by Juli Ashton and Doria Rone. Doria Rone I thought was one of the hottest women on Earth and I still do……guilty confession J

LH: *giggles almost uncontrollably at how easy it is to get men to confess… as she smiles at JQ*

LH: I have things I want the world to know so I write books…Is there anything else you’d like the world to know?

JQ: If it wasn’t for great writers and authors like you Leanna, models like me would be nothing. It’s the people like you who work so very hard to help showcase our talent. I am so very appreciative for everything you all do and I personally thank you!

LH: Oh darlin… (She says in her finest southern drawl) I’m sure you’d be somethin alright, somethin spectacular! Lol

It has been MY absolute pleasure to share this time with you John and I wish you all the success in the world!

*she says as she stands, offers him her hand that he promptly takes, turns over and kisses the back of* 😉

Thank you again John, you have been a BLAST…..Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Coke

Airplane or Cruise ship? Airplane

Favorite Fruit? Blackberries

Meat & Potatoes or Fruits and Veggies? Meat & Potatoes

Exercise or Bubble Bath? Exercise

Favorite Color? Red

Take out or Dine in? Dine in

Camping or Hotel? Hotel

Sports or Chocolate? Chocolate 

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Favorite Food? Greek Pizza

Favorite Song? Women by Def Leppard

Favorite Movie? Wedding Crashers

Favorite Car? Corvette

Sex or Chocolate? (The answer “Both” is totally acceptable 😉 Sex, can never get enough J

And now for the essay part of the interview 😉

If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

JQ: I would go to the tropics with Megan Fox….LOL! Who knows what might happen, I mean nobody will ever know….ha ha ha! 

THANK YOU AGAIN JOHN…..Now ladies…Sit back, scroll and enjoy….if the appear twice…WHO CARES! lolRomance Cover Model John Quinlan Vampire 10 (2) Romance Novel Cover Model John Quinlan Captive Fantasy (1)Model John Quinlan in Calvin KleinMale Underwear Model John Quinlan for Geordi 7 (1)Male Model John Quinlan for Fashion Designer Ken Fron Jewelry (1)John Quinlan Football Player Model Stock Image 2 (1)Male Underwear Model John Quinlan for Geordi 1 (2)John Quinlan Fireman Model Stock Image 2 (1)Fierce in Fur Romance Cover Model John Quinlan (1)Diego Barberi Male Underwear Model John Quinlan (2)2013 Official Alpha Male Underwear Image Model John Quinlan (4)2013 NPC Vermont Men's Physique Model Overall Champion John QuinlanDiego Barberi Male Underwear Model John Quinlan (1)2013 Official Alpha Male Underwear Image Model John Quinlan (2)2012 NPC Men's Master's National Physique Competitor John Quinlan on Stage Image 4 (1)Tattooed Physique Model John Quinlan 3Tattooed Physique Model John Quinlan 2Tattooed Male Underwear & Cover Model John Quinlan (1)Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model John Quinlan Erotic 2Tattooed Male Model John Quinlan Nude Naked Ass Adult (1)



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A Short Story….Dark Chocolate The Collaboration

Dark Chocolate

A Short Story

Collaboration by Leanna Harrow and C. Alexander Newkirk  (Thank you my dear friend…you are awesome! 😉


Roland and Anna had been friends for a long time. They had a lot in common. They had the same taste in food, music and movies. They had the same views on religion, politics and sex. They made each other laugh, listened to each other bitch and were there for each other when things were tough. It didn’t matter to either of them that Anna was thirteen years Roland’s senior.

It didn’t bother either of them that Roland was a tall, slender, handsome African American man and that Anna was a tall, redheaded, very Caucasian woman. They were both color blind. It helped that Roland had grown up in England and that Anna, was well, older and wiser. She had seen it all in her time and didn’t put up with ignorance or intolerance. Roland, having been raised in a culture fraught with ignorance and intolerance appreciated her willingness to accept him for who he was and not the color of his skin.

They got a lot of looks when they were out in public together. Anna found herself staring down the people she caught looking at them funny. She dared anyone to say something to her. She would have made a scene, right then and there! She was a fiery one. That was just one of the things that endeared her to Roland.

One rainy Sunday afternoon, Anna felt restless. She called Roland to see what he had planned for the day.

“What’s up butter cup?” she asked.

“Not much, I’m at Best Buy checking out video games” he told her. She smiled at the thought of him talking ‘gaming’ with her sons that were close to his own age.

“Come get me” she said with the smile still on her lips.

“On my way” was all he said before hanging up. Roland pulled up ten minutes after he had hung up with Anna. She jumped in the passenger seat of his car and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek as she always did. This time was different; she lingered there as she slid her hand onto his lap and up to the waist band of his jeans.

“Take me somewhere” she breathed into his ear. When he smiled at her request, she leaned back in the seat and fastened her seat belt smiling the sly smile she was infamous for.  They drove to an ocean front hotel and Roland looked over at her.

“Are you sure you want to do this” he asked. “You know once we do, there’s no going back to the way things were” he cautioned her.

“I’m very well aware of that. Go” she nearly demanded. Roland smiled at her again and disappeared into the hotel lobby. He returned moments later and pulled the car to the back of the hotel. He got out of the car and went around to Anna’s door. He opened the door and took her by the hand.

He locked eyes with her and pulled her to her feet. She smiled that smile at him again and he pulled her to him. He pushed the hair from her face with his long, soft fingers. She shuddered at his touch. He never took his eyes off of her. He released her body but not her gaze. He walked her backwards to the door of the hotel in an almost dance like fashion. She was hypnotized. She had thought of this moment many times, even fantasized about it but now that it was here, she was entranced by him. His long lean body, his dark smoldering eyes, they way his touch made her skin tingle.

He slid the key card into the door and pushed it open and her through it. He continued the dance. He took her face into his hand, his eyes still locked onto hers. He seemed to be lost in the blue ocean that was her eyes. Inspecting each speck of green and gold that danced in them. He kissed her gently, softly, respectfully. She moaned into his kiss. She was on fire at just the thought of what he might do to her.

He led her to the bed, took his phone out of his pocket, hit a button and music began to play. “Yes, this man is smooth in every way possible”  she thought to herself as she closed her eyes and licked her lips letting the images of what was to come cross her mind. Roland stretched out next to her on the bed. Anna turned onto her side to face him.

“You know,” he began.

“Don’t Roland” Anna interrupted. “We’re both adults, this isn’t going to change anything. We both want what we want. We both know the deal. No expectations, no disappointments” she finished with that damn smile again. He kissed her, this time it was not gentle, soft or respectful it was deep, passionate and hungry. She returned his kiss. He slipped his arm under her and she took that as her cue to move over top of him.

Anna straddled Roland as he reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse. Another moan escaped her as the goose bumps raised on her skin. His hands were skilled; she could only imagine what his cock could do. As the image crossed her mind, she bent down and kissed him again. She kissed him deeply, exploring the depths of his mouth with her soft, wet tongue as he removed her blouse and bra.

Once he had her bare, he pushed her back to look at her. He placed his large, soft hands on her shoulders and traced down her arms and then up her sides, cupping her large, soft tits. Anna’s shoulders raised and her head tilted back as he gently manipulated her nipples. His kneading and the huge bulge she felt pressing against her slit brought her to her first orgasm.

Roland again gently took her by the shoulders and guided her onto her back. He traced a finger around the edge of her face as she smiled that smile at him, down the hollow of her neck, around the swell of her breast, across the dip of her belly to the button on her jeans. He slowly, deliberately unbuttoned and then unzipped them.

The deliberateness of his actions was driving her insane. He was such a tease and she loved it. She had never had a lover take such pleasure in exploring and exposing her. She thought it might drive her insane but didn’t mind it knowing what he had in store for her. They had after all, talked in great detail of his past sexual exploits. She had to admit that she’d been intrigued but skeptical about the whole tantric sex aspect, but was becoming a firm believer in its powers.

He slowly pulled her jeans off. He looked up at her with raised eyebrows when he discovered that not only was she not wearing any panties her supple mound was clean shaven. She smiled that smile at him again as he slowly parted her legs. They started to shake uncontrollably as he slid her up further on the bed.

He took his place between her parted legs and traced up from her foot to her calf, from her calf to her thigh and from her thigh to her hip. The shaking was like nothing she had felt before. She tried unsuccessfully to control it but did manage to cum again. He smiled at her. “He must really get off at knowing he can make a woman cum with just one finger” Anna thought to herself as she pulled her legs up and rolled over onto her stomach. “He’s going to have to work for it” she told herself smiling that smile.

As if he’d read her mind, Rolland got up from the bed and went out to his car. He returned a moment later with two small bottles of oil.

“We have a Boy Scout in our midst ladies and gentleman” Anna said with a laugh.

“I just had this feeling when you called, there was something in your voice” Roland told her.

“Stop talking” she ordered him. Roland happily obliged. He walked to the head of the bed; to the side where her head was turned so that she could witness him remove his clothing. He slowly removed his clothes. She was going to tease him back and close her eyes but she couldn’t  She was struck by the beautiful form of this magnificently constructed creature. He was tall, lean and built like a God. She watched each of his fluid moves, the desire she had for him growing like a raging wild fire.

Once he had removed his boxers, he grabbed the bottles of oil and made his way back to the bed. He straddled Anna’s hips and nestled his cock between the cheeks of her ass. It was as large as she’d imagined. She moved herself against it and came again; this time a deep, throaty moan escaped her as she did.

As she came, Roland bent down and grabbed her shoulders with his oily hands. He grabbed her hard; her dug into her deep and rubbed her good. He worked her like a pro. She lay there, while he rubbed away the tension and stress from every muscle in her back. As good as it felt, as close to letting go of reality that she got, she never forgot that his giant cock was mere inches from slipping into her soaking wet, aching sweet spot.

When she could take no more of the massage or his cock tantalizing her, Anna lifted her ass, beckoning Roland to enter her. She didn’t think that it was exactly how he had planned but he eagerly obliged her. He slipped his long, thick rock hard cock into her wet, tight, welcoming pussy. He did it slowly, methodically and deliberately. He might have given her what she wanted, but he did it the way he wanted to.

That was all it took. Anna tightened around his hardness and came so hard she cried out. She rose up onto her knees as Roland pulled her onto him. His strokes were slow and shallow as he stoked the fire that raged between her thighs. She had awakened his dominance and now she would pay for it.

“What are you waiting for? Give it to me” she shouted behind her.

Roland responded by grabbing a handful of Anna’s hair and jerking it back, just short of being hard enough to be painful. His eyes smoldering with something she had never seen before in this young man that she had known and joked with not too long ago.

“If you want something, it’s polite to ask for it” he said as his lips curved into smile both menacing and beautiful at the same time.

To drive his point home, he began stroking her slowly. Giving her a little more on each stroke, just to quickly enough to withdraw and begin the torture anew. Her passions began to overwhelm her as she sank deeper into the sensations he was giving her. Never did he give her more than a third of what he had to offer. A promise of what could be, if only she were a good girl.

“Please Roland…God, don’t make me beg. Just give it to me, baby” she rasped as she began to lose what little lucidity she had left. She belonged to him now and there was no going back.

Roland answered her plea by slowly and agonizingly sinking into her inch by inch over the next two minutes before skillfully withdrawing and smacking her marble ass in one deft stroke. The sting of surprise brought her out of her daze just as he slammed himself deep inside of her hard and fast, His frenzied strokes causing stars to dance before her eyes.

He lifted himself to one knee, putting one hand on her shoulder and cupping her breast in his other. He slowed down, but went just as deep. He worked her like a well-oiled piston, pulling her body to meet each stroke before flipping her over onto her back. He looked into her eyes as he lowered himself into her, watching every contortion her face made as he begin to thrust in earnest.

Her body surrendered to the pleasure he offered as her legs wrapped around his ankles. He cradled her head in his arms as the pleasure built in him. He was reaching his limit. Her body had shared it’s secrets with him. He was now part of the cabal. All that was left was the offering.

He pushed himself up with one arm and grabbed a handful of hair with the other hand, forcing her to look at him. He kissed her furiously as his body began to shudder with his release. She could taste the shudders in his breath and the warmth that flowed into her cause her to climax in tandem. When the shudders had subsided, he broke the kiss and slowly trailed his tongue from her bottom lip to the top before smiling and placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. He stood up, lifted her into his arms and carried her to the showers where more pleasures could be discovered and boundaries broken.

They left the hotel room smelling of sex and looking like burglars had tossed the place. Roland dropped her off at home late that night. Anna threw her coat and purse into the chair and collapsed onto her bed. She reached down and laid her hand on her now throbbing and swollen pussy. She knew she’d be sore tomorrow but smiled at the thought of it, the smell of Roland on her skin and the knowledge that he was now her very own piece of dark chocolate.

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Check out the EAT Reading for “Maggie’s Men”!

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The book will be release by Eternal Press on 2-1-13!!


December 28, 2012 · 9:41 pm

New Short Story…Let It Rain

Let It Rain
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

Mark and Mary were lying on the bed one rainy Sunday afternoon. The sound of angry raindrops hitting the cement beneath the second-story window outside was strangely soothing. They were comfortable there in each other’s arms, warm and close to dozing off when Mark suddenly turned to faced Mary.
“The sound of all that running water has made me need to pee” he said to her with a chuckle as he started to get up off the bed.
“Darling,” she said looking at him with her mesmerizing oceanic blue eyes. “What would you say if I told you I wanted a golden shower?” She asked with a slightly wicked grin crossing her pale pink lips. Mark looked at his wife, raised an eyebrow and smiled back at her.
“I’d say ‘are you serious’?” He said still smiling. Mary moved over onto her back and into the middle of the bed.
“Absolutely” she purred, still smiling. Mark couldn’t believe his ears. Mary had always been adventurous when it came to sex; he’d always called her his “eager beaver”. She was always willing to try new things and would do anything to please him, so, in actuality he guessed he could believe it.
“Sure, care to join me in the shower?” He asked. Mary looked up at him again with those eyes and shook her head. She moved further down onto the bed, the slightly wicked smile creeping back across her mouth.
“No baby,” she said. “Right here, right now” she finished as she cupped her tits, ran her hands slowly down to her stomach, then across to her mound, caressing it through the thin fabric of her shorts.
“Really? Right here?” Mark asked.
” Really, right here, right now” she replied raising her hips up off the bed as she gently stroked herself a little harder. Mark did as she wanted even though he found it difficult due to the fact that his cock was getting hard watching her. He concentrated on the task at hand and in no time Mary had her golden shower.
The warm pungent liquid hit Mary full force in the torso at first. She slipped her hand inside of her shorts and onto her sopping wet clit. Mary worked it feverishly as she knew she didn’t have much time. She stroked herself hard and fast. She looked up at Mark, licked her lips, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.
As if on cue, Mark sent his stream, directly between Mary’s lips. Mary lapped up his bitter juice as she kept rhythm for the last few strikes against her clit as she sent herself into a cataclysmic orgasm. As she finished so did Mark. Soaked and spent, Mary laughed.
“You should see the look on your face” she said still laughing.
“That was fucking awesome babe!” He said as he zipped himself up. Mary still laughing got up off of the bed, stripped it of its linens and removed her clothes.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did,” she said winking at him as she handed him the load of laundry to be washed. “Be a love and start those would you, I’m going to grab a shower,” she said with another of her notoriously wicked grins. “When you get those started, why don’t you join me?” She said as she reached down and gently stroked his hardening bulge.
“Anything for you, you amazing freak!” He said as he heard her laugh all the way into the bathroom.

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Random Thought…

If the chase is a thrill, what is the catch?

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Coming Very Soon!

Coming Soon!

A Tease Reading from the soon to be released

“Maggie’s Men”

Stay tuned, it’s gonna be good!


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