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A New and Very Cool Interview with Fiona Mcvie!

Name Leah Tate…Pen Name: Leanna Harrow

Age Egads! 47 ;)

Where are you from Originally, California but I currently reside in Wilmington, NC.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  I have four children and four grandchildren. I have worked a variety of awesome jobs including a collections representative for American Express and a show reservationist at Cesar’s in Lake Tahoe. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude from the school of hard knocks ;) My most rewarding has been as a mother and grandmother…I wouldn’t trade it for any other title in the world. I love you Amanda, Ashley, Thomas, Tyler, Andrew, Amelia, Benjamin and Little T!

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Leanna: I just released “Maggie’s Misery~Book Three of the Maggie West Series” this month. It is the final book in the Maggie West series. It’s an erotic romance that picks up where “Maggie’s Men~Book Two of the Maggie West Series” left off.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

Leanna: I started my first book in March of 2012 and finished it on Mother’s Day of the same year! I was a woman on fire. I can remember as a child wanting to say “I’m an author!” and now, I can.

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Leanna: I still don’t consider myself a writer ;) I consider myself a story teller.

Fiona: What inspired you to write your first book?

Check out the rest of the interview here:


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Another Interview…

See if you can find any new “secrets” about me here



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Catch My Interview…

Catch an interview with me by the beautiful and talented Blakely Bennett at


Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!


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Another Interview!

Check out the next interview with you know who!

Make sure you pop by on Sunday January 27th and pass the link around!

You never know what I’m going to say in one of these things…

Then again…you just never know what I’m going to say…EVER 😉


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Short Story “The Interview”

The Interview

A Short Story

By Leanna Harrow


Maria sat at the kitchen table with her roommate Rochelle. Maria was a Hispanic beauty. She had long black hair, big brown eyes, thick, full pouty lips and a body women would die for. She was constantly wondering why men hardly ever approached her and when they did, it was always drunken assholes that had to make some sort of lewd remark toward her.

The girls were sitting at the table discussing the fact that the president of the bank Rochelle worked for was looking for a new executive assistant. His current girl had met a man, was getting married and wasn’t coming back.

“You really need to go and talk to him. This would be the perfect job for you. Mr. Davis is young, rich and hot!” Rochelle told her friend. “He needs someone single, dedicated and able to travel the world with him. You’d be perfect and I know he’d hire you on the spot. You are fucking incredible at what you do and drop dead gorgeous to boot! It’s a win-win situation for you both” she finished.

“I don’t know,” Maria started in her all too familiar low self-esteem tone. “It sounds like a great job but what would he want with me? Besides, I have a good job” she said as she picked at her blueberry muffin.

“You don’t have a job like this.” Rochelle began. “Your boss would be the president of a major bank, who travels the world, stays in the finest hotels, eats in five star restaurants, and is hot as hell! You would be right there at his side and the job pays more than three times what you make! Seriously, what do you have to lose by interviewing with him?” she said.

“You’re right I guess, set it up” Maria told her friend.

“I will” Rochelle said with a smile.


Three days later Maria sat nervously waiting in the office of the President of Greater Manhattan Bank. She tried to sit still but was finding it increasingly impossible. She was almost ready to tell the receptionist that she had to leave when the phone rang and the receptionist said that Mr. Davis would see her now. The receptionist showed her into Mr. Davis’ office.

His office was bigger than any office she’d ever been in. Her four inch stilettos made indentations in the smooth, dense weave of the plush carpeting as she walked across the room to where Mr. Davis was standing. The huge mahogany executive’s desk in the middle of the room didn’t make a dent in the size of his massive office. Mr. Davis walked towards Maria with a smile on his face.

“Miss Fuentes, a pleasure to meet you” he said extending his hand to her.

“Please, call me Maria” she said shyly extending her hand to him. She could hear Rochelle’s voice in her head.

“Be confident, be sexy, be smart and make sure he knows you’ll do anything to get this job” she had told her.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful lady,” he said as he took her hand and kissed the back of it. His lips on her skin sent chills up her spine. Rochelle was right when had said that this man was hot but “hot” didn’t really begin to describe this man.

Dean Davis was tall, lanky, dressed impeccably, handsome in a rugged sort of way and appeared to be in his mid thirties. He had perfectly styled brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes Maria had ever seen. He exuded confidence and she could tell instantly that he was the type of man that you were either going to love or hate.

“Please, have a seat wont’ you?” Mr. Davis said motioning her to sit in one of the overstuffed leather chairs in front of his desk. Maria took her place in front of his massive desk, crossed her long legs and pulled down her what now seemed to be, awfully short skirt.

“Rochelle tells me that you are working the same type of position at Weller Brothers,” he began. “I can tell you that they are not paying you enough and that they do not offer the perks I do” he finished. Maria sat there listening to his pitch.

“I’m prepared to offer you a starting salary of one hundred twenty five thousand a year, full benefits, paid travel expenses when you are traveling with me and there will be a lot of traveling” he continued “and bonuses paid out quarterly based on your performance” he finished.

“That’s a very generous offer Mr. Davis. There must be some very demanding aspects to the job” Maria said.

“Oh there are,” Mr. Davis said as he walked around Maria’s chair and ran his hand up her arm and over her shoulder. “You will be required to be “on call” twenty four seven. If I need you, you come running. You will be at my beck and call at all times. You will make sure that my clients are happy and that my schedule is never, ever overbooked. You will be responsible for every aspect of my life, except for the times that I tell you I don’t need your services. You will, of course, get a two week vacation each year” he finished.

“That doesn’t seem unreasonable” Maria said as she looked over at his hand resting on her shoulder.


“Are you single Maria?” Mr. Davis asked.

“Yes I am” she replied.

“Good,” he began. “I will require much of your time and you will not have much of a social life I’m afraid, but I can tell you that with the people that you will be meeting and the places you will travel, you will not feel deprived” he finished as he walked over and locked his office door. Maria should have felt uneasy at this gesture but she didn’t. She felt herself get wet at the anticipation of the next stage of the interview.

“You have certainly passed the oral and negotiations portions of the interview Maria. There is only one more aspect left to this process and that’s the physical compatibility portion. I am a very virile man and I don’t have time to date. I spend approximately forty three weeks a year out of town on business. I am not only looking for an executive secretary, I am looking for a confidant, a friend and a lover” he went on. “Is that something you could become comfortable with?” he asked.

“I’m sure I could” she said with a smile.

“Wonderful,” he said smiling himself. “Would you mind if I give you one final test?” he asked.

“Not at all” Maria replied. With that he turned to his desk and in one dramatic swipe of his arm, he sent everything on his desk crashing to the floor. Maria just looked at him, her eyes wide with surprise. He smiled at her and pulled her to her feet. He brushed the hair from her face and kissed her. She returned his kiss. He was most definitely a passionate man and that made Maria even wetter.

Dean picked Maria up and set her on his desk. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, never taking his eyes off of her. She could see that he was a man who was used to getting what he wanted. Maria kicked her stilettos off and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer to her. She could feel by the bulge in his pants that he liked that. He unhooked her front hook bra and went directly to her nipples.

He gently sucked one and then the other making Maria suck in her breath and cum at just the thought of what he’d do next. Never taking his mouth off of her tits he reached down between her legs and slid her lace panties to the side. He could feel her moistness. He immediately found her clit and gently stroked it. Maria moaned as she came.

Dean left the hardness of her nipple so that he could remove Maria’s panties which were sopping wet by now. They fell to the floor. He pulled her to the edge of the desk and went to his knees. With one long stoke of his tongue, he licked he sweet, wet pussy. Maria sucked in and held her breath as he began his assault on her slit with his tongue. He licked her fast and hard. Maria had no choice but to cum again. Dean gladly licked up the juices that were freely flowing from the exotic beauty.


When he could take no more, he stood up and pulled her back to the edge of the desk. He kissed her deep and hard. Maria could taste herself on his lips. He pulled Maria off the desk, turned her around and bent her over it. He undid his expensive Italian leather belt and let his pants and boxers drop to his feet. His aching hard on stiff and ready, he slowly made his way to Maria’s sweet spot.

Dean slowly stroked Maria’s clit, making her cum again. All she could manage was a deep throaty moan it felt so good. Finally, to Maria’s relief, Dean gave her what she ached for. He plunged deep inside her making her come up off the desk. She pushed herself back onto him taking him in as deep as he’d go. He fucked her hard. He made her cum again. He made her pant. He made her wild. He made the Hispanic beauty beg him for more.

He gladly gave her more. He stroked her long and hard. He would stop and fuck her clit. She would beg him again. He would go back to banging the shit out of her. Then, he’d slowly tease her clit until she came on him again. He’d then thrust into her as deep as he could get and ride her hard.

Finally just as he could take no more, Maria pushed back, pulled away from him and turned around smiling at him. She went to her knees and took his throbbing cock into her mouth. With his cock in her mouth, those big brown eyes of hers looking up at him, she began to suck him like he’d never been sucked before. He watched as she licked and sucked him. She would suck his tip, go down the shaft, come back up again and start the process all over. It didn’t take two minutes of this ecstasy before Dean was ready to blow.

“I’m going to cum” he warned her.

“Do it” she told him as she sank her mouth back onto his huge swollen member. Just her words were enough to get him off. He exploded and she got the full load. She kept him there, in her beautiful mouth until he was finished. She swallowed him down and made sure he had been licked clean.

Dean helped her up off of her knees. She fetched her panties from the floor, put them back on and redressed herself while Dean did the same. Maria took her place back in the chair on the other side of Dean’s desk. Dean sat down across from her.

“Well, needless to say, you passed that portion with flying colors” he told her with a smile. Maria smiled back at him as she wiped a spot of juice from her chin.

“I am extending you the position with the condition that you sign a “no compete, nondisclosure clause”. That simply means that if another bank offers you a job for more money, you cannot take it and that you cannot tell anyone about the details of our working contract” he began. “I’ll have a contract drawn up, it will be standard and have a clause in it that if I decide to terminate you for any reason, there will be a very generous severance package in it for you” he went on. “It will also stipulate that if you decide to quit, you give me thirty days notice to find a replacement and you will still receive the same severance. It’s a win-win for both of us. The contract will be for three years but I hope that you will be around for a lot longer than that” he said giving her a wink.

“Oh, I certainly plan to Mr. Davis, it’s been a pleasure and I’ll see you in the morning” Maria told him as she stood up and shook his hand.

“Looking forward to it” Mr. Davis replied.

Maria left the building, headed home to tell Rochelle the good news and take her out to dinner to celebrate. She hadn’t signed any nondisclosure forms yet!


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