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Today’s Tease…Lucy Pireel

Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy a chat with Today’s Tease Lucy Pireel

Your Name or Pen Name you use:  Lucy Pireel or you could call me a Distractee! Wheeeeheeee! Coffee lover.

Title of the book you are promoting:  Bound

Link to purchase your Book:  http://www.amazon.com/Bound-ebook/dp/B00BAEGUHC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360524398&sr=8-1


 Genre:  Erotica, romance, BDSM

Welcome LP…I, LH have some questions for you 😉

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

LP: Professional rodeo rider, firefighter, and … Yes, like all girls I’ve had my ballerina period. 🙂

LH:didn’t really have a literary influence, I just decided one day to start writing. Who influenced you in your writing career? 

LP:Eh, that would have been my son. He wanted pirate stories in which things actually happened and not the boring child stuff. Mind you he was only three when asking.

LH: I self published all of my books and was then “discovered” by a publisher. Are you an Indie or published author?

LP: Indie! And proud of it.

LH: As an Indie Author, I was hesitant about being with a publishing company. If you are an Indie author, would you like to be published by a traditional publisher and if so, why or why not?

LP: I very nearly answered this question in the above one, again I was too fast. 🙂 Speed, the bane of my life. No patience, none at all. Erm, where were we? Oh, yes, why not traditional? That must be because I’m a control freak and want to have last say in everything. Although I must say the one person I do listen to is my editor David Gilmore, he never fails to find the SPaG and eliminates it. Puts the dots on the i’s and crosses the last t’s.

LH: This is easy for me…I’d invite Johnny Depp and I would not discuss movies!  Who would you invite to dinner, living or dead, and what one topic would you NOT discuss with them?

LP: A certain live-writer–no, I’m not naming names–and I would not discuss writing with him.

LH: I personally think that there is way too much sex and violence everywhere in society these days and it’s everywhere but that Hollywood is one of the biggest offenders.  Do you think that society as a whole is subjected to too much sex and violence and are you concerned about it? Which form of media do you think is the worst offender?

LP: I think sex and violence are, and have always been, a part of humanity. My only concern is that instead of educating children, parents and teachers choose to scare people in reaction to what has always been there. Not solving the problem, but feeding it.

LH: I’m a huge softie and by no means a beauty queen… lol but, I truly would want world peace in the blink of an eye if I could make it happen…If you could change one thing in the world, in the blink of an eye, what would it be?

LP: Humanity’s destructive nature.

LH: With the traditional bookstore becoming obsolete and everyone turning to buying books online, I don’t buy the hype that “the cover is everything”. How important do you think book covers are now that almost all shopping is done online?

LP: Now that all shopping, and most certainly book shopping, is done online I think the cover is even more important. In a store a buyer–potential reader–would pick up a book and leaf through it read a para here and there. Online? It’s title, author and, if it’s a series nothing matters, cover. Snap-shot decisions are made online. First thing a potential reader sees is not the blurb. It is the cover which draws the eye to the book to read the blurb. A lot of indies forget this and forget to check if everything is still legible on a thumbnail sized picture. (its how your book shows up in searches, a thumbnail picture), ending up with an illegible byline, or even title.

LH: I can remember wanting to write as a kid. I got a really late start! Have you always wanted to write and when did you start?

LP: I have written things for as long as I can remember. I can remember reading the labels of everything at any occasion from the moment I could. When I finally could write, I was unstoppable. I copied each word I read and made up the most flunky sentences.

LH: I love to see if I can see myself in a character. What interests you most about a story?

LP: It all has to fit like a puzzle. Characters have to fit into the scene, and the scene should fit the characters. I can’t say I read all vampire books because they have vampires in it. Or I read western detectives because they’re set in the Wild-West. What I mean is, a story either interests me, or it doesn’t.

LH: For me, I just get hit with this whole movie in my head and start writing. How do you come up with your stories?

LP: That is how I start out too! But then those pesky characters come to life and they run rampage and take it all away from me, doing whatever they see fit and when they do. I have totally no control over the whole thing once they take over.

LH: I can’t tell you or I’d have to…lol Are you working on anything now?

LP: Wheeeeheeee! I am currently writing the last scene of the last short story for my summer collection. Suspense, horror, crime, zombie, that’s the genre. I thought I’d mention it before you ask. 🙂

LH: I’m working on #6…3 are published and the other 3 are due out this year… How many books have you written? How many have been published?

LP: I’ve written a gazillion short stories and three novels. I have three short story collections published and my first novel is in its last stages before publication.

LH: I write for fun I don’t even dream of riches…Do you write for fun or money?

LP: It has to be fun. If I were to have no fun in writing I would not be able to do it. That being said I must admit that I’m in it for the money. Hahahaha, I mean it would be great to be able to pay the rent with the royalties, but being realistic I must admit that that goal might be a few years away from now. However it would be great to be able to say my writing enables me to live a writerly life.

LH: I have never experienced writers block…I have experienced writers “don’t want to”… Have you ever experienced writers block and if so, how did you overcome it?

LP: Nope, never had such a thing. I’m too filled with those stories and characters who all need to come out it seems. I wake up with a scene, or even just a sentence and it goes on until I go to bed. Can be somewhat inconvenient at times. Especially when you are in the middle of a dead serious conversation and you have to excuse yourself because you just had to write down. “His gait had a swing to it. I could do nothing but fall in step with him to follow him to hell and back.”

LH: I get asked all the time “Do you have any advice for new writers?”… Do you?

LP: Just write down everything which pours from your brain. Don’t try to please everyone you show your work, there will always be people who won’t like your work. But be realistic. If ten people who read your work all find the same mistake, don’t continue it.

LH: I would freak out if someone contacted me and said they wanted to make one of my books or my series of book into a movie as I am really very shy in person. I don’t think I could handle it. How would you handle it? Who would be the first person you told?

LP: Like I handle my being an author. I’d keep certain details of my life private while all that is part of the story or the movie would be public. I guess the first one who would know is the one who shares my life.

Thank you for the interesting and informative interview LP…Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Calvados

Exercise or Bubble Bath? Exercise

Favorite Color? Blue, brown and green

Take out or Dine in? Dine in

Camping or Hotel? With the right person … Camping

Sports or Chocolate? And.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Favorite Food? mac ‘n cheese

Favorite Song? Butterfly Kisses, requiem Mozart

Favorite Movie? Bladerunner

Favorite Car? The one that takes me to where I need to be.

Sex or Chocolate? (The answer “Both” is totally acceptable 😉 Hahahaha, first sex and when it’s done, a short nap followed by chocolate.

And now for the essay part of the interview 😉

If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

LP: I would go to Burning Man, we would have a week filled with music, art, craziness and … 🙂 And I would take the man who makes me laugh. That in itself is the synopsis for my next novella. Wheeeeheeee. Forgive me if I don’t give you the third draft.

Thank you so much for spending time with us today and make sure get your copy of…  Lucy Pireel’s




Cover bound bare back red small newOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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PAT (Poetry Author Tease) Reading Reminder


Leanna Harrow~Author and

Creator of Author Tease Readings is

Pleased to announce the first ever

PAT (Poetry Author Tease) Reading!

She will be reading passages from

“Shapes of Water” by Katherine Russell

Ms. Russell will be joining her in the

Google+ Hangout. This poetry chronicles

the story of a CF patient as she grows up

and comes to terms with having the illness.

Please join us on Google+ Thursday

November 8, 2012 at 8 pm EST

RSVP in advance as Hangout seating

is limited. You can also catch the Hangout

Live On Justin.tv. at http://www.justin.tv/russelk90

Watch for further updates!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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