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Renegade Talk Radio Show

Hey Renegades! Catch me here!


Leanna Glamour shot


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The Renegades are Back on YouTube!

The Renegades are back on YouTube once again!

Join Us!

Richie and Marla —

The Obamanation Season of Taking:

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Me, Myself & I

Me: Fucking Facebook put me in jail for sending messages? Seriously?
Myself: Calm down now, it’s not like it’s actual jail which I could totally see you being put in with how irrational you get at times!
I: Do they have cake in jail?
Me: Shut up I. Any hey Myself…It’s a wonder I’m not in real jail having to put up with the two of you in my head all the time!
Myself: We are merely the ones that keep you sane you idiot..without us, you would be locked up in prison or in an asylum!
I: I need some cake…or a cookie…maybe a piece of candy?
Me: For fucks sake! When a person cannot send messages, friend people and be social on a social website…I say it’s time to rise up against the powers at be and do something about it!
Myself: My God, I’ve GOT to do something drastic…
I: I sure hope it’s candy…
Me: Eye candy…Oh yeah…that helps!

3-4 naked man


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Don Does…

Don does concerts for charity!

Check him out…Pretty cool!


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Upcoming “PAT” (Poetry Author Tease) Reading Announcement

***Your Attention Please***
Leanna Harrow~Erotic Author and
Creator of Author Tease Readings is
Pleased to announce the first ever
PAT (Poetry Author Tease) Reading!
She will be reading passages from
“Shapes of Water” by Katherine Russell
Ms. Russell will be joining her in the
Hangout. This poetry chronicles the story
of a CF patient as she grows up and
comes to terms with having the illness.
Please join us on Google+ Thursday
November 8, 2012 at 8 pm EST
RSVP in advance as Hangout seating
Is limited. You can also catch the Hangout
live On Justin.tv. Create your Justin.tv
account now and Watch for further updates!
It will be a good Time for all! We look forward
to seeing you there! Please contact Leanna
if you have any questions! Make sure to check
out the website for scheduled upcoming readings!


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So True…hehehe

“Once a day keeps the ache away” and yes, you may quote me 😉 LH

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New Products : Brace Yourself Novelties!

New Products : Brace Yourself Novelties!.


Awesome Adult “Toy” Site!

My Books are available here!
Check it out!!!


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