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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 3

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 3

This post is day 3 of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge that I accepted.

God grant me the time and serenity to continue through the next 12 days!

Check out the challenge here.

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFS?

My Blogging BFF is Barbara C Rowe!

She is new to blogging but is catching on quick!

She is an AWESOME author, poet, artist, jeweler and friend!
Check her out at


Gonna brag on her a bit now…

One Little Angel


There was a wee, small, little angel

who tried so hard to please.

Her only chore was ringing the choir bell,

but nothing came with ease.


Because the older angels disregarded her chore,

one day she asked if she could see Jesus.

But her request they did ignore,

and paid no attention to her fuss.


This wee, small, little angel was so dear.

She cried and prayed for something special to do,

but none of the others bothered to hear.

She prayed and asked Jesus if what she did was important, too.


The next morning she was called to see the Holy One

for He wanted to hear what she had to say.

He replied to her, “I am God’s only Son,

and you are loved in every way.”


He assigned her to stay by his side

to welcome all the wee little ones,

and to assure them in heaven they would reside,

babies who were someone’s daughter or son.


Each evening she would climb in Jesus’ lap,

knowing she was also loved by his Holy Grace.

Her new task fully filled the gap.

Now she felt important in this celestial place.

By Barbara C Rowe (and the basis for her short story book coming soon!)

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“Love ferociously, forgive quickly and smile often…you never know if you’ll get the chance to do any of those things again” and yes, you may quote me 😉

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A New Poem~Patienly Wait

Patiently Wait

A Poem by Leanna Harrow 7-9-12

I sit here and patiently wait.
Early evening turns into late.

Wishing I could see your precious face.
Have you take me to that special place.

Open up my heart, walk through it’s gate.
I sit here and patiently wait.

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A New Poem~Loving Me

“Loving Me”
A Poem By Leanna Harrow”
Date: All my life…

Why is it so hard to love me?
What makes me so utterly unworthy?

What have I ever done but try to be what everyone else needed for me to be?
Always true to everyone else but always forgetting about me.

Lost in everyone else for so long, continually forsaking myself
Now I’m stuck away, dusty and deserted and no one will ever be able to reach this shelf.

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A New Poem~A Beautiful Liar

A Beautiful Liar

A Poem by Leanna Harrow 11-11-12

You are such a beautiful liar
With just your words you set my heart on fire

I wanted to be caught in your web, to walk into your lair
The stories you tell, you tell them with such flair

You sucked me in and bled me dry
I know better but have to ask why

With all that you’ve told me, I wanted to die
I knew you would tell me yet another beautiful lie

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New Poem “Bitter Sting”


Bitter Sting

A Poem by Leanna Harrow 7-5-12

Why is my heart such a mess?
I used to not be able to care less…

You woke it up and made it sing…
Now all I can feel is loves bitter sting…

It was better off tucked away, on a shelf, out of reach…
No way for you to hurt it, break it into pieces, devour it like a ripened peach…

All that you left is a gaping hollow hole where it used to be…
Thanks to you I am no longer strong, no longer safe, no longer me….

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New Poem~”A Walk Into Hell”

A Walk Into Hell

A Poem by Leanna Harrow 7-2-12

I let you into my so called life
You paid me back with the jagged blade of your knife

I foolishly let you touch my heart
I knew better from the start

You taught me well
You walked me straight into hell

From this dream I will wake
With that all too familiar ache

Never again will I give my heart away
You saw to that on this very day


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