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Random Thought on Self Publishing and Publishers

Cost of Publishing your own book…$100 (approximately)

Hours a month you spend promoting your book with or without a publisher…100 (give or take)

Getting an email from your marketing manager saying they will be “unavailable” two weeks before your book is to be launched…PRICELESS



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***We Temporarily Interrupt This Broadcast To Bring You The Following Important Information***

I am DELIGHTED with the overwhelming positive response to “Today’s Tease”!

A Great Big Thank You to my Friends and Followers and a special Thank You to the authors who have participated.

There are more great interviews coming!


I have decided that I am going to expand Today’s Tease to include other facets of the publishing industry.

* Acquisitions editors

*Copy editors

*Publishing CEO’s

*Graphic Designers

*Marketing Managers

*Cover Models

and more

There is a lot that goes into publishing a book. Writing is the easy part!

(DON’T tell anyone I said that!)

I want to bring the people behind the scenes, that dedicate their lives to the craft up front and show them some love as well!

If YOU know anyone in the industry please feel free to pass this along as I would love to interview them and give them some props 😉

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program 😉

You May Be In For A Humpy Ride!

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