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Me, Myself & I…Working on Book #2

Me: Ah, the Holidays are upon us again! Another huge meal with the family loudly gathered around making me crazy all day. Actually, it will be the entire week!

Myself: May I remind you that the boy will be home, for the first time since he joined the Marines four years ago?

I: I don’t think you need to remind her! In fact, I really wish you hadn’t…

Me: Oh, I’m well aware of that. He’ll have the baby with him too. So that means there will be seven adults and four children, ages two to ten years old running around here that week. Need I remind you that I used up all of my patience when my children were small? It takes all I can muster up to handle the grandchildren for a couple of hours at a time! I don’t know what I’m going to do that week! Then I have to do it all again at Christmas!

Myself: Good thing you have a lock on your bedroom door then isn’t it?

I: That and a stash of chocolate…

All 4 8-18-12 029

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Me, Myself & I…Working on Book 2 ;)

Working on book 2…Get book 1 while it’s on sale!

Me: For the love of God! I cannot take it and there’s still a month to go! Ahhhhhh….
Myself: Now what?
I: *covers her mouth and giggles*
Me: I had to keep from crying when Ashley brought home a Christmas sweater….for one of the CATS!
Myself: Why would she do that? She’s never “dressed” a pet before.
I: *laughing hysterically now*
Me: She excused the cruel and unusual punishment by saying it would keep him from scratching more sore spots on his neck! She knows how I feel about dressing pets! She knew what I’d say and that I’d secretly “undress” him when she wasn’t watching!
Myself: Oh…The humility…for all involved.
I: Where’s the camera? No one’s going to believe this!



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“Some people just make me want to slap them in the face, poke them in the eyes and say nuyuck, nuyuck, nuyuck…3 stooges style” and yes, you may quote me 😉

3 stooges eye poke

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“When one door closes, a window opens and if you’re lucky, there’s a screen on it.” and yes, you may quote me 😉

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“They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

What it doesn’t show you is worth a million more.”

and yes, you may quote me 😉

Leanna Glamour shot


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THE Most Awesome Poetry Book I’ve Ever Read!

My dear friend and author Barbara C Rowe has published the most beautiful book of poetry I have ever read.

These poems chronicles the emotions and situations that we have all encountered.

This faith based poetry book is a MUST read.

Thank you Barbara for having the strength and courage to go through all you have and express it in such a touching manner.

Just click the pic 😉

promotional cover turbulentsea_72



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My comedic debut…

Me, Myself & I…Funny Fights I have with Me, Myself and Well…I 

is available in ebook and paperback!

Just click on the pic 😉

MeMyselfandI_72You can even get your copy autographed if you just ask me how 😉


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