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Me, Myself & I

Me: God that key lime pie was good!
Myself: Glad you’re feeling better.
I: I am too…she let us have pie! Yay!
Me: I wasn’t feeling bad. I’m just sick of getting no help around here. I’m only one person you know…
Myself: You could have fooled me. You’ve been saying for years that you don’t need anyone’s help.
I: Especially no stinking man!
Me: I know right, that’s what I have B.O.B. for. He doesn’t leave clothes lying around, demand my time, bore me with stories I’ve heard a hundred times or not put things back in their place. I have you two for that! He just does his job and he does a damn good job at that!
Myself: What a lonely life that must be…
I: Oh Snap…you should have just left well enough alone, she was in a better mood and I know for a fact…she was gonna break out bob! Damn you!
Me: *winking* I still am…This girl doesn’t get lonely! 😉

vibrators can't mow the lawn


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Random Thought….

If everyone loved everyone else….the world would be somewhere  no one ever wanted to leave…

Can you imagine for one minute, what that place would be like?

I can…it’s called Heaven…

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“When in doubt..keep your mouth shut except for your smile until your head can slow down to the speed of your tongue” and yes..you may quote me 😉

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Random Thought…

Only 4 days left to do your Random Act of Kindness and share it wit me here
by 12-12-12
People all over the world are doing some awesome things! Please…be one of them!

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Random Thought…

I do an inspirational blog on the Facebook Gemini page as I am a Gemini…I have put all Gems and Non Gems to a task…I am now calling on all people…near and far to help with this little “project”. Please do your part and send me a message with your Random Act of Kindness…I’ll post it on My Gemini Post and keep you anonymous if you’d like, if not, let me know who you are and where you are as I have people all over the world participating! I am truly excited to see how this turns out! Much Love & Respect…Leah

This is the original Facebook post!


Here is a way for us Gems to do just what the stars are telling is to do to stay out of trouble AND use up our energy and enthusiasm. Not only will it make us feel better…it will make others feel better and keep us from coming off as anything but loving, generous and kind!

Over the next week, I want all of my Gem Friends..and non Gem friends would be awesome too….to go out and practice Random Act of Kindness! Anything Random and Kind…it doesn’t have to cost you a dime…just something someone else wouldn’t necessarily do…
Example: you paid the $6.94 bill of the person in front of you at the grocery store, or you loaded the elderly lady’s packages into her car at the mall, or you buy the next person in line at breakfast at McDonald’s a coup of coffee, or you took a couple dozen donuts to the police or fire station…do something completely random and kind for someone you don’t know. Tell them to make sure and “pay it forward” and leave them with a smile.
Come back here and post what you’ve done. You will not only make their heart sing, you’ll make my heart sing and everyone that reads your post will not be able but to be inspired to do some random act of kindness as well.
We can make a difference dear Gems and I am calling upon all of you to go out, do it, post it and make my year…let’s see who’s up for it…I can’t wait to see the posts…I will post my own story at the end of the week….the deadline for getting your Random Act of Kindness in will be December 13, 2012~I don’t care how big, or how small, just as long as it shows the true human spirit! Ready…Set….GO!

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Random Thought

Why is it when my left brain says it’s time to go to sleep…my right brain wants to discuss it for hours?

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~A Happiest of Thanksgivings to ALL~

Thank you for being part of my life

Thank you for your words and praise

Thank you for being there

Thank you for being you

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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