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I Love Me Some Renegades ;)

Take a listen!

Aloha Renegade Nation 😉



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Listen Up Renegades!!

Make Sure to Listen To Renegade Talk FM

It’s always good but today…I’m a guest 😉


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The Renegades are Back on YouTube!

The Renegades are back on YouTube once again!

Join Us!

Richie and Marla —

The Obamanation Season of Taking:

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He’s Running for Congress…

Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie is running for Congress in CT.

Do I like everything he stands for? No

Do I like some of the things he says? No

Do I like the three core things he stands for? YES

Listen here to find out what they are…


Good luck Carl

the white house

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My Very Own Christmas Miracle…

I received a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE yesterday. Listen up people…this may affect you some day and may already be affecting your friends and family members. As many of you know, I am disabled with many types of Arthritis but the big one is Rheumatoid arthritis. It is miserable. 

When I was finally disabled under the Social Security Disability Act earlier this year, I was told that I wouldn’t qualify for Medicare until the year 2015. Seriously? Yes, seriously. I was also told by the North Carolina Disability Determination Services that I received $103 over the allowed maximum “income” for Medicaid. 

I then applied for Obamacare…After 6 infuriating weeks, I found that my monthly premium would be….sit down and hold on…$352.53! That is one third of what I receive a month! So…I did what anyone would who suffers from anxiety, depression, arthritis and chronic pain, I went into a deep depression that caused more pain and took to my bed for 4 days. 

When I came out of my haze…I talked to a friend, who shall remain nameless because she works for the COUNTY Department of Social Services who told me to do an online application for Medicaid. I told her I didn’t qualify. She said “just do it” so I did. 

I got a call yesterday morning from a lovely woman at the New Hanover county DSS and she said I had approved for Medicaid and that it had been in effect since I had become disabled. I asked her how that was possible and she said that because I’m disabled, I am eligible. I was dumbfounded. I have had medical coverage all this time and didn’t even know it!

I told her I had letters from Social Security and The NC Disability Determination Services saying I wasn’t eligible. I thought I was dreaming when again, she said I was. I asked if she was sure and asked if it was really me she was looking for. She laughed and said she was sure. 

I found that the counties don’t communicate with the State, the State doesn’t communicate with the Feds and there are programs out there to cover the disabled. PAY HEED! Apply in your COUNTY. 

There is help out there and a lot of it can be done with a simple ON LINE application and follow up call from the DSS. I cannot tell you the stress, anxiety and depression that this woman took from me and told her that she had just performed a Christmas Miracle, literally. 

IF YOU ARE DISABLED….GO APPLY THROUGH YOUR COUNTY RIGHT NOW! Obamacare is for the young and the rich…the rest of us…not at all! 

Merry Christmas Everyone…Please share this post for me, you will never know how many of your friends, your friends friends or family members are suffering like I am and can use this information!

the white housethanksgiving feastAll 4 8-18-12 029And a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you ALL from my ourto yours



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I was raped…

I was raped by our government today. Listen here to find out how…


the white house

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The Renegades Got It Right Again…

They are right…Things are only going to get worse!


Our local news in Wilmington NC reported today that FEMA is raising taxes in flood zones by 25% a year until it reaches the amount THEY feel covers the property.

They also reported that they are redoing flood zone maps…ACROSS the COUNTRY. If you don’t live in a flood zone now, you soon may!

A house, under contract here in Wrightsville Beach, had the buyer back out of the sale because the flood insurance went from $800 a year to $30,000 a year upon closing on the house.  

Buyers MUST be told of the annual cost of flood insurance when looking at the property. It will be at the higher the cost that FEMA deems necessary and not what the property is rated at now!

That to me, is raping the buyer. I don’t see a lot of houses being sold in flood zones any time soon.

A friend of mine’s car insurance went up $12 a month and he has been with the same company for over 15 years, never had an accident, ticket and his rates had gone down every year until this year…

I’m afraid this is just the beginning my friends, just the beginning. 

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Use Stitcher to Listen to Renegade Talk FM on your Iphone and Android

Get Renegade Talk FM on your Iphone and Android!

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Just Do it…Do it 😉

Marlas Picture

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Richie, Marla & Got Our Weiner On Today!

Check out today’s show…too funny…can’t get enough Weiner!


vibrators can't mow the lawn

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~Have a Listen to The Renegades~

Rich and Marla are Rested and at it Again!



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