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John Quinlan, Me, Marla and Richie…Tomorrow on Renegade Talk FM~

Coming Tomorrow To Renegade Talk FM! My Awesome and HOT Friend…John Quinlan!Romance Cover Model John Quinlan 2012 Autographed Promo

Romance Cover Model John Quinlan!

He joins me, Richie and Marla on Renegade Talk FM!

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Today’s Tease…Actress & Cover Model…Jax Turyna

Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy a chat with Today’s Tease Jax Turyna
Your Name:  Jax Turyna
Profession: Model/Actress
Links to where we can find you: www.theworldofjax.com, www.facebook.com/theworldofjax

Welcome JT…I, LH have some questions for you 😉

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

JT:  I have always wanted to be a model and an actress, since I was a little girl.

LH: I can remember wanting to be a movie star when I was a little girl, but alas…How did you break into the modeling/acting/show business?

JT:  My parents wouldn’t let me model while I was a minor and still in High School.  So I waited and on my 18th birthday I set up a meeting with a Chicago talent agency.  I signed with them that same day.  It wasn’t the greatest place to start but it got the ball rolling, and I’ve never stopped since then.  I think the key to success is to just keep moving forward and never give up.

LH: I’ve heard that modeling/acting/show business is stressful and demanding. How do you handle the pressure and make it look like so much fun?

JT: This business is a lot more work than people really understand.  I’ve been going to college on a scholarship and maintaining good grades and honors while working full time at modeling and acting.  Good time management skills are important.  So is the support of friends and family.  Healthy lifestyle is important to keeping up the energy levels for my hectic work schedule – I exercise, eat well and avoid alcohol.

LH: I detest having my picture taken! What’s the toughest part of modeling/acting/show business for you?

JT: The hardest part of modeling is all the behind-the-scenes stuff that outsiders don’t normally see as part of the job.  The 300 mile car rides or red eye flights.  The 3am early call times, or long days on set.  But I do it because I love it.

LH: I have a very bad body image as I used to be very heavy and lost 100 pounds.  I get a lot of looks now and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Do you ever get tired of being drooled over? (Not like I’d ever do that 😉

JT: I don’t see it as being drooled over.  As long as the fans and admirers are polite about it, I’m flattered!

LH: I’ve seen your face, body, etc. grace many places…Give me a list of your favorite assignments.

JT: I like to keep a positive outlook and treat every new project as my favorite.  I like to model in every style.  But recently, I’ve especially enjoyed working on romance novel covers for Period Images.

LH: I’m working on a secret project…Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d care to share?

JT: Well now I can’t talk about secret projects or else… they won’t be secret anymore!  But I can say that I’m working on three different feature films this year, and more TV appearances are in the works.  And you’ll be seeing me on a lot more romance novel covers.

LH: I LOVE to shoot pool to unwind and relieve stress. What do you do to wind down?

JT: Ask me that question when I’m done with college in a few more weeks!  School and work eat up most of my time and there’s not much left over for fun.  But when I do unwind, it’s usually going out with friends for a movie or dinner.

LH: A long those lines…When I was very young, I worked in the Special Events department at Caesars Tahoe and got to stay after a billiards tournament with Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats to knock around a few balls. It was one of my favorite memories from my time there. What is your favorite celebrity story? 

JT:I don’t have a celebrity story…..yet let you know when that changes! 😉

LH: I have always wanted to start a charity for terminally ill adults. Is there something special that you’ve always wanted to do?

JT: I have always wanted to help kids with learning disabilities. Help them stay motivated and follow there dreams. Help them realize they can accomplish anything with hard work and a little perseverance   J

LH: I personally think that there is way too much sex and violence everywhere in society these days and that Hollywood is one of the biggest offenders. It’s kind of ironic that we’re in the business of selling sex and violence. Ever feel conflicted?

JT: I set my goals and limits from day one in this business, and as long as I stay true to them… I will never have regrets or feel conflicted.

LH: It’s guilty pleasure time! Mine is Grey’s Anatomy. I get mad when the season ends, can’t wait for the new season to begin, will be devastated beyond even daring to imagine when it ends and find myself crying at some point in nearly every episode! What one television show is your “guilty pleasure”?

JT: My Guitly pleasures is Revenge… Idk not my normal personality however I love it!

LH: I have things I want the world to know so I write books…Is there anything else you’d like the world to know?

JT: Yes!  You can accomplish anything in life if you stay true to your inner voice.  Be positive, stay focused and keep moving forward.

Thank you for that in depth and honest interview JT…Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Tea and Champage

Airplane or Cruise ship? Airplane for work.  Cruise ship for fun.

Favorite Fruit? Grapefruit and kiwi

Meat & Potatoes or Fruits and Veggies? Fruits and Veggies

Exercise or Bubble Bath? Exercise, then take a Bubble Bath 😉

Favorite Color? Pink

Take out or Dine in? Dine in

Camping or Hotel? Hotel.  I’m not a “dirt” kind of girl.

Sports or Chocolate? Chocolate

Dogs or Cats? I love all animals however I have a special place in my heart for Dogs

Favorite Food? Type of food anything Italian

Favorite Song? Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Favorite Movie? Legally Blonde.

Favorite Car? SL550

Sex or Chocolate? (The answer “Both” is totally acceptable 😉 Do “chocolate kisses” count?

And now for the essay part of the interview 😉

If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

JT: Tough question!  Europe, I suppose.  I’d love to see Paris, Rome, honestly so many more places than I could visit in just one week.  I love to shop and eat at nice restaurants.  And who would I bring?  Well now,  a good girl doesn’t kiss and tell!

Thank for spending this time with us and make sure to stop by and say hello to Jax…just be sure to tell her Leanna sent you 😉



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Your Attention Tease…Did I say Tease??? I Meant Please ;)

Do you know this guy?



Evan Scott

Male Cover Model, Dragon Slayer, Damsel Rescuer and Professional Chef!

He’s the NEXT Today’s Tease! Coming Up Shortly!

It is Me, Myself and I’s Birthday after all…so we are going to CELEBRATE!

Hang on to your hats ladies!

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