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Another Great Show With The Renegades!


Listen as Richard Keppler, Marla and myself talk with R. Milton Quibner about his book “How High Should I Jump.”

It is a MUST read for MEN who want a fighting chance with

“Today’s Woman.”


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~News Flash~

It’s Christmas in July at Coffee Time Romance!!

Eternal Press Books will be HALF OFF the entire month of July!

They have both

“A Beautiful Liar~Book One of the Maggie West Series”


FINAL A Beautiful Liar Cover_200x300_dpi72



“Killing the Desire” 


"Killing The Desire" Cover Art

HALF OFF IN JULY! Get yours while they are on sale and be prepared to get HOT!

Then get ready for the release of

“Maggie’s Men~Book Two of the Maggie West Series” August 1, 2013…see what poor Maggie has in store for her next!


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Make Sure…

Make sure you check out my appearance on Renegade Talk Radio….NOT for the faint of heart or easily offended! lol

"Killing The Desire" Cover Art

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“Some people say I’m sick. Some people say I’m perverted. Some people say I just have a sexy imagination. I say, If they only knew…” and yes, you may quote me 😉masquerade mask


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Just Got Word…

I just got word from my publishers…Eternal Press…That Maggie’s Men Book Three of the Maggie West Series: The Final Chapter…


Release date to follow.

I will be posting “snipits” from each of the four books, here, shortly 😉


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Maggie’s Misery Book Three of the Maggie West Series….

It is with mixed emotion that I announce I have finished my current novel, Maggie’s Misery, Book Three of the Maggie West Series. I am thrilled as it is my fourth novel in less than a year and the third in a series but I am torn as it is the last in the series and the series is very dear to my heart.

I wrote the first book “A Beautiful Liar” after an incident online with a “catfish” (A person using a fake profile to meet women/men for fraudulent purposes) and used my life’s back story to create the character of Maggie West. In a sense, I am Maggie West. We have a lot of the same views, morals and beliefs. We have had the same trials, tribulations and heartaches.

The first book ended with a cliff hanger so I had to write a second. The second book left you wondering so I had to write a third. In the third…I had to end it. It truly was heartbreaking.

Feel free to have a read of this erotic series filled with lust, love, heartbreak, adventure and lots of  lies. They will be available at amazon.com under the pen name Leanna Harrow. The release dates are as follows:

A Beautiful Liar         5-1-13                    (Making for a great birthday month for sure!)

Maggie’s Men             8-1-13

Maggie’s Misery       To be announced

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


L 😉


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Random Thought…

This silly head of mine won’t be quiet…
shhhh I tell it…go to sleep.
It runs away…
7-22-12 035 laughing at me…
*sigh* xoxox 😉


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