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Raising Children…

A friend of a friend of mine made a comment about her being able to see the other friend not allowing her children to come into contact with strangers and keeping them locked in the house due to fear.  Long gone are the days of sleeping with your doors unlocked, letting your children roam the streets until the street lights come on and not arming young children with cell phones, alarm equipped backpacks and in some cases, mace.

My response was this:

OMG! You just made me lol…You just described my youngest daughter! When she announced she was thinking about home schooling her son (an only child) I said “Oh, good idea, the world needs another serial killer…” I was so, not kidding as that kid NEEDS and now THRIVES around his peers!

I raised 4 kids, they all went to head start, they all went to public school and they all turned out to be happy, healthy and relatively normal. I say relatively because, well, I am their mother…

They don’t have “crazy, dangerous, child molester or abusive” chips in people that we can scan….yet. You just have to trust that wonderful thing we mothers have that’s called “women’s instinct” and let them go do and be who they are going to be because at some point, you will have no control, no matter what you do and will you’ll have to come to peace with it.

I need to write an instruction manual for child rearing, it would be simple! It would read…

“Congratulations on your new baby! Feed them, wash them, love and cherish them because the rest of it is instinct!” The End

It’s all so true 🙂

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Holy Sheep Shit Batman!

I’m someone’s favorite author on Literotica.com

WOWZA…now if that isn’t….an HONOR 😉

Check out these comments!

05/17/13 By: Kicker73 

great story. Added as a favorite author.

5 Buns Up
05/16/13 By: symes4u 

5 buns up for that hot little tail. 🙂

Since it’s publishing 4 days ago…it’s been viewed 17562 times! I’m speechless!


woman with hands on hipsIf you have looked past the belly button…I have other stories there…just search Leanna Harrow 😉


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New Short Story…Let It Rain

Let It Rain
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

Mark and Mary were lying on the bed one rainy Sunday afternoon. The sound of angry raindrops hitting the cement beneath the second-story window outside was strangely soothing. They were comfortable there in each other’s arms, warm and close to dozing off when Mark suddenly turned to faced Mary.
“The sound of all that running water has made me need to pee” he said to her with a chuckle as he started to get up off the bed.
“Darling,” she said looking at him with her mesmerizing oceanic blue eyes. “What would you say if I told you I wanted a golden shower?” She asked with a slightly wicked grin crossing her pale pink lips. Mark looked at his wife, raised an eyebrow and smiled back at her.
“I’d say ‘are you serious’?” He said still smiling. Mary moved over onto her back and into the middle of the bed.
“Absolutely” she purred, still smiling. Mark couldn’t believe his ears. Mary had always been adventurous when it came to sex; he’d always called her his “eager beaver”. She was always willing to try new things and would do anything to please him, so, in actuality he guessed he could believe it.
“Sure, care to join me in the shower?” He asked. Mary looked up at him again with those eyes and shook her head. She moved further down onto the bed, the slightly wicked smile creeping back across her mouth.
“No baby,” she said. “Right here, right now” she finished as she cupped her tits, ran her hands slowly down to her stomach, then across to her mound, caressing it through the thin fabric of her shorts.
“Really? Right here?” Mark asked.
” Really, right here, right now” she replied raising her hips up off the bed as she gently stroked herself a little harder. Mark did as she wanted even though he found it difficult due to the fact that his cock was getting hard watching her. He concentrated on the task at hand and in no time Mary had her golden shower.
The warm pungent liquid hit Mary full force in the torso at first. She slipped her hand inside of her shorts and onto her sopping wet clit. Mary worked it feverishly as she knew she didn’t have much time. She stroked herself hard and fast. She looked up at Mark, licked her lips, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.
As if on cue, Mark sent his stream, directly between Mary’s lips. Mary lapped up his bitter juice as she kept rhythm for the last few strikes against her clit as she sent herself into a cataclysmic orgasm. As she finished so did Mark. Soaked and spent, Mary laughed.
“You should see the look on your face” she said still laughing.
“That was fucking awesome babe!” He said as he zipped himself up. Mary still laughing got up off of the bed, stripped it of its linens and removed her clothes.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did,” she said winking at him as she handed him the load of laundry to be washed. “Be a love and start those would you, I’m going to grab a shower,” she said with another of her notoriously wicked grins. “When you get those started, why don’t you join me?” She said as she reached down and gently stroked his hardening bulge.
“Anything for you, you amazing freak!” He said as he heard her laugh all the way into the bathroom.

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A Short Story

Dick and Jane #1

A Short Story Series

By Leanna Harrow




Meet Dick, he is an ordinary man with an ordinary job, an ordinary house, and an ordinary dog. Dick also has an ordinary wife. Her name is Jane. Her job is to clean his ordinary house and feed his ordinary dog.

One day, Dick came home early from his ordinary job and to his dismay, his ordinary house was not clean and his ordinary dog had not been fed! He looked around for his ordinary wife, but could not find her. He looked in his ordinary kitchen but she was not there. He looked in his ordinary family room but she was not there. He looked in his ordinary bathroom but she was not there either.

He finally looked in his ordinary bedroom and found her. There was something very wrong with his ordinary wife. She was lying in the middle of their ordinary bed, naked with different colored paint all over her body from head to her toes.

“Jane, what on earth are you doing?” Dick asked her.

“Dick,” she said. “I have been thinking about it a lot lately and our life is so ordinary that I have decided to do something about it,” she continued. “ I’ve decided to spice it up a bit” she said smiling at him seductively.

“What do you mean?” he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well,” Jane started. “Just because we have been married a long time and have ordinary lives doesn’t mean it has to stay that way and I’ve been doing some reading” she went on. “ I’ve discovered some things I think you’ll find, shall we say, stimulating?” she continued as she got up onto her knees. “Now, I’ll explain things as we go a long if you need me to, but you are a smart man and I don’t think you’ll have a problem picking it up. The first step is to take off all your clothes and join me” she finished with a smile patting the bed in front of her.

Dick was more than happy to do just as his no longer ordinary wife asked of him. He removed all of his clothing and joined her on the bed. Jane picked up several jars of brightly colored paints from the night stand and placed them on the bed in front of Dick.

“These are body paints my dear. Each color represents a different flavor. The red is cherry, the yellow is banana, the purple is grape, the orange is of course orange and the white is coconut,” she told him. We are going to take turns licking them off of each other after I get you all painted. We’ll be each other’s personal fruit salad” she laughed.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you” Dick said, his cock starting to get hard already, “but I like it” he finished. Jane started at his feet, coloring each toe a different color as she had her own. She painted stripes up his feet and circles on his calves and thighs. She used the tip of her finger to paint his stiffened dick different colors smearing the tip with the cherry flavored paint. A small moan escaped Dick’s lips.

She smeared multi-colored heart shapes on his belly and chest. She painted his neck in all of the colors and his lips red with the cherry flavor as that was her personal favorite. She had painted her lips white as she knew he loved coconut. When she was finished she explained what they would do next.

“Now that we are all painted, we will take turns licking the paints off of each other,” she started. “When we’ve had all we can stand, you’ll fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before. I’ll start. How does that sound? ” she asked him.

“What are we waiting for?” Dick replied. Jane smiled at him and moved to the bottom of the bed where she started at the bottom of his feet. She took his right foot into her hands and started at the heel. She licked his foot from the heel to the pad of his toes in one long, slow deliberate stroke. Dick moaned again as she took his pinky toe into her mouth and sucked the paint off of it. She was glad that she had painted it cherry flavored, the next toe, the next flavor, another moan and so on until she reached his big toe. Dick reached for his cock which was now throbbing and she had just begun.

“No, darling, no touching” she instructed her no longer ordinary husband. She licked down the side of his right foot and sent it back onto the bed and picked up his left foot. She started at the toes this time. She took his big toe into her mouth first. She sucked the coconut flavor off of it and went to the second toe and then the third and fourth. She then went to his pinky toe. Once she had it licked clean, she licked the sole of his foot in small deliberate circles moving slowly from one side and then to the other.

Dick clutched the bedspread in his hands as his hips came off the bed. Jane slowly licked her way up the top of his foot licking his ankle as she then licked the top of his other foot and made her way to his other ankle. She slowly made her way up his calf licking and sucking each flavor from him. Dick continued to moan and gently fuck the air. Jane was afraid that he would cum like that but continued to the other calf making her way slowly up to his thighs.

She bypassed his cock because she knew one flick of her tongue and he’d explode all over her face. She didn’t want that happening. She licked off each of the hearts that she’d made on his belly and chest as he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head down towards his aching cock.

“No Dick, it doesn’t work like that” she told him.

“Then let me lick you now” he pleaded.

“I’m not done yet,” she told him “almost, but not quite” she said looking up at him with a smile on her white lips. Another moan escaped Dick as she licked each of his nipples and then moved to his neck, dragging her nipples across his chest. His hands instinctively went to her tits and she pushed them away. He moaned again. Just his moans made her cum. She had never been so turned on in her life. She left his neck and went to his cock.

“Don’t you dare cum yet” she warned as she quickly made her way up the sides of his shaft trying to make sure he didn’t blow his load. She quickly sucked the cherry flavor from the tip of his throbbing member and moved back up over him.

She couldn’t wait to get to his lips so she could have her turn. She dragged her tongue across the last of the paint on his neck and went to his lips. She looked deep into his eyes and licked his bottom lips and the top. Dick could no longer resist and grabbed his wife.

As he flipped her over onto her back, he licked the coconut paint from her lips during a long, deep passionate kiss. A moan mixed with a sigh escaped her lips as she had never experienced this much intimacy during their entire marriage.

“Where do I start” Dick asked her looking deep into her eyes.

“Wherever you’d like” she said smiling back at him. Dick started at the smears she had on her neck. She had to resist the urge to touch him; she didn’t realize until that moment how hard it would be. He continued licking the flavored stripes downward until he reached the grape flavored circles she had painted around her nipples. He feverishly sucked her hardened nipples as she arched her back upward to meet his eager mouth.

He left her nipples and licked every bit of the deliciousness from her stomach and hips. He made his way down her thighs, bypassing her mound just like she had bypassed his cock. He made her moan again as well in doing so. He licked down her thighs to her calves. She tasted sweeter than any fruit salad he’d ever eaten. He got to the top of her feet and she started to squirm.

“Does it tickle?” he asked.

“No,” she said. “You made me cum silly” she said smiling with her eyes closed. A smile crossed Dick’s lips as he continued licking down the top of Jane’s feet to her toes. He slowly sucked each one making his wife moan and wiggle as she got off more times than he could count. He licked the paint off the bottoms and sides of her feet, one and then the other as he held them in his hands. She could hardly contain herself. He could hardly keep from cumming from watching her get off like that.

He left her feet and moved up to her wet and warm pussy. He slipped his fingers into her, she was soaking wet. Another moan escaped his lips as he removed his fingers, lifted her legs up and slipped his cock into her hot, wet box. He rested her legs on his chest, fucked her deep and licked the bottom of her feet as he stoked her deep. As he did this, she came on him repeatedly. He could hardly keep from unloading in her when he felt her clinch herself around the base of his cock. He licked in between her toes and she came again. He sucked on them as he fucked her harder and harder. She moaned and came again, this just made him fuck her deeper and suck her toes harder. She grabbed the bedspread, sank herself onto him, arched her back and shuddered. As she came again, so did Dick.

His explosion was phenomenal. Dick continued to lick the sides of Jane’s feet as she tightened around him again as she continued to shudder and cum. He slowed his sucking and she finally caught her breath. Dick separated her feet, kissed her calves as he made his way to her lips to kiss her. He lay next to his wife in a spent and tangled mass of sticky sweet smelling colors and flavors. He turned his head to his wife.

“You know, I’ll never be able to eat a fruit salad again without getting a hard on” he said to her.

“That was the idea dear,” she said. “This was just the beginning of the things I have in store for you darling” she told him.


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A Short Story~The Belt

The Belt
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

She heard the car door. She nervously looked around to make sure that everything was in its place. She went into the kitchen and got the remaining courses and put them on the table as she heard the front door open.
He came in, placed his briefcase on the table next to the door and walked into the kitchen. She greeted him with a smile and a glass of wine. He took the wine from her, went to the dining room table and took his seat.
She busily served his plate as she always did, making sure he had anything he needed, pouring him a glass of ice water to accompany his meal and then serving herself. Only then did she sit down and enjoy the meal she had prepared. They ate in silence as they did every evening. She didn’t ask about his day and he didn’t tell her about it. He didn’t ask her about her day and she didn’t tell him about it. It had been that way for years.
She looked around the beautiful house that he provided for her and its beautiful “things”. She was satisfied for the most part. She knew she could do far worse. She was thankful that they’d come to the understanding they had years ago, when the communication had broke down and they decided to stay together.
When dinner was finished and he had retired to the living room to watch the game or surf the web, she cleaned the kitchen, finished her chores from the day and prepared for her nightly ritual.
She looked forward to her nightly ritual all day, everyday as she knew what it would bring her. She retired to the master bedroom and got out the assorted goodies she’d need.
She turned on the shower and let it get as hot as her skin could stand. She stood there under the water and let it melt away the feelings of isolation and loneliness she felt as she did every night.
She grabbed her favorite honeysuckle shampoo and washed her long, auburn hair. While she conditioned her hair, she used the matching body wash to soap up her shapely body. She shaved her underarms, long legs and soft supple mound. He liked her soft and silky. She rinsed herself off, rinsing any displeasure and discontent down the drain along with the bubbles from the body wash.
She then stepped out of the shower and slowly toweled herself off. After dried herself, she sprayed herself with her honeysuckle body mist and slipped on the pink camisole her husband loved so much. She didn’t waste putting panties on as they only aggravated him. She applied moisturizer to her arms, shoulders, legs and finally her feet.
She went into the bedroom and got out her box of nail polishes. She knew she had a couple of hours and that he liked her toenails freshly painted. She also knew that she had to be meticulous with them or he would redo them and she would not like the consequences.
When she finished her nails, she grabbed the book she’d been reading off of the night stand and began the waiting game. It was hard to concentrate on the book for thinking of what was to come. She was almost giddy with anticipation when the bedroom door opened and her husband walked in and over to the bed.
He removed his belt and threw it onto the bed. That alone made her wet. He then removed his pants and shirt, throwing them onto the floor. Still clad in his boxers, he grabbed the belt and threaded the end through the buckle. This made her heart beat faster. She could feel herself get even wetter but knew not to show any hint of excitement. She pretended to continue reading her book.
He slipped the belt around her ankles and pulled it tight. She closed her eyes. The feel of the leather and the cold metal against her flesh left her no choice but to stifle a moan. He pulled the belt and her with it to where her legs were resting on his chest. She knew that he would now begin inspecting her paint job.
He had the strap to the belt in one hand the used the other to trace the soles of her feet as he looked at the job she did painting her toe nails. If she had not done a good enough job, things would have ended right then.
He caressed them slowly, softly and deliberately. He knew how this drove her mad with desire. He used his thumb to rub the sole of her left foot as he lifted the belt and guided her toes into his mouth. One at a time, he licked them, sucked them and bit the tips of each one.
She had no choice but to lay there and take it. If she so much as showed any pleasure, it would be over with. She had learned that the hard way so she laid there and took it. He licked down the sole of her foot as he rubbed it. It was heavenly, it was erotic and it was making her cum. She was having trouble controlling her climax as he was skilled when it came to her feet.
He then turned his attention to her right foot and made her cum again. He breathed in the scent of honeysuckle and fresh nail polish. His cock at full attention at this point. He let go of the belt and took both feet by her heels and took turns liking the soles of her feet. The feeling of his warm, wet tongue on her feet made her mind go numb.
He loosened the belt a little and bent her knees to where he could lay the soles of her feet together around his cock. He proceeded to give himself a foot job with her soft, sweet smelling feet. It felt as good to her as it did to him. He was so hard and throbbing between her feet. She seized the chance to use her toes to stroke the shaft of his cock. He moaned in delight and suddenly stopped.
He took the belt off and threw it on the bed. She knew what was coming and quickly snapped back into reality. He separated her legs and licked the insides of her feet and around to her heels. He bit each of her heels just enough to make her wince. She loved that part.
He used that talented tongue of his and made his way up the inside of each of her legs. She could hardly control the shaking that he was causing but knew that she had no choice but to control it. She didn’t want to do anything to bring an end to this exquisite agony.
He reached her warm, moist mound. He looked up into her big blue eyes. They must have looked to be pleading with him as he bypassed her pussy and made his way to her tits. He lifted her camisole up and sucked on each one, slow and hard. When he had them standing at attention like he liked, he left her tits and licked his way up to her ear.
“Turn over and get on your knees” he breathed into her ear. He then bit her on the shoulder making her wince yet again but cum again none the less.
She did exactly as he instructed without a word. He grabbed the belt, made the hole bigger and slipped it around her neck. She wanted to reach up and touch the leather, feel it under her fingertips and touch the buckle but she knew better. She’d have to settle for knowing it was there, knowing it would tighten and breathing in the intoxicating scent of leather. Those thoughts alone made her cum again.
He positioned the belt to where the buckle was at the back of her neck where he could apply and loosen the pressure on it at his whim. He pulled on the belt and his wife’s head came back as did her body. She couldn’t see it of course, but he smiled. He couldn’t see it but so did she.
Slowly, he pressed the tip of his cock against her already slick clit. He loved how she was always wet and ready for him. He was really going to make her wet tonight. He entered her a little further and pulled the belt a little tighter. She tightened around the tip of his cock.
He pulled out and rested against her clit. He loosened his grip on the belt. She was thankful he had as she thought she might go out early from the anticipation. He then stoked her clit with the head of his dick until she shuddered and came. That was all it took for him.
He pulled the belt tight and sank himself deep inside her. She felt an explosion in her head. She felt a warm gush between her legs as her husband fucked her hard. She was sure the belt was too tight. He pounded her deep, he fucked her hard. She came again. She was sure she was going out. She wanted one more orgasm desperately. He slowed, he was going to cum and she was going to pass out.
As her husband got off, one last body rocking spasm gripped her and she shook as her vision started to fade. Just as the tunnel faded to black, the world was bright again and her husband was removing the belt from around her neck. She was face down on the pillow and her ears were ringing. A smile crept across her lips as she knew he’d never see it.
When her husband had finished in the bathroom and was comfortably settled in for the night, she lay there thinking that if she could just find someone that could do what he had just done to her body, to her mind, she fucking leave in a heart beat.

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New Short Story~A Night At The Movies

A Night At The Movies
A Short Story
By Leanna Harrow

“So, what did you think of the movie?” he asked.
“It sucked” she replied.
“Really, I thought it was pretty good” he retorted.
“You would” she said smiling at him. She was baiting him, she had been all night. She started at dinner when she sat next to him in the booth caressing his cock through his jeans while they talked and ate their dinner. Then again in the theatre when she plopped her legs on to his lap, exposing her open toed shoes with her freshly painted toenails knowing he had a serious foot fetish. She kicked off one of her shoes as she had a job to do.
She cleverly maneuvered her foot over to where she could stroke his throbbing cock with the sole of her foot during the movie. When she tired of the over the pants foot job, she snuggled in close to him and let her hand take over, smiling to herself at the wet spot she had created on his jeans.
It was cold outside and the walk to the car was brisk. While waiting for the car to warm up, he kissed her. She returned his kisses. Deep, hot, passionate kisses.
“If you don’t stop, the windows will never defog” she said.
“I know, but you taste so fucking good” he told her. She laughed and moved away from him. He adjusted himself and put the car in drive. The drive back to his place was uneventful as they chatted about nothing in particular. She continued to bait him, he continued to enjoy it.
When they arrived at his place she went directly into the bedroom, he was not far behind. He closed the door. The look on his face went stern. She smiled at him. She knew she had gotten to him and couldn’t have been happier as she knew what was in store for her.
“On your knee’s bitch” he told her.
“Yes daddy” she replied as she went down in front of him. He lifted her top up over her head and threw it to the floor.
“Where do you get off being so mouthy to me?” he asked.
“I’m sorry daddy” she simply said casting her eyes to the floor.
“Well, if you’re not now, you soon will be baby girl” he said with a slight smile. With that he unzipped his jeans and removed them and his boxer shorts. Next to go was his shirt. He stood there naked, exposed and with a massive, raging hard on.
“Do I need to tell you what you have to do to make it up to me?” he asked as she looked up at him.
“No daddy” she said trying not to smile at him. She licked her lips without taking her eyes off of him. She knew how he liked it when she kept eye contact with him. He was always telling her how beautiful her blue eyes were. She licked the tip of his rock hard cock, letting him see the pre cum, a moan escaped him. She was just so fucking erotic! She ran her soft, wet, warm tongue down one side and up the other of his shaft before taking him deep into her mouth. He shuddered and took her hair into his hands.
That’s all it took for her to cum. She loved it when he had her hair in his hands. She picked up her pace as he guided her mouth down on him faster and deeper. He was amazed how she could take so much of him without choking. He was huge. She continued sucking on him, making him moan and groan with each pass until he pushed her away and released her hair.
“I’m afraid that’s not a good enough apology baby girl” he said.
“What else can I do daddy?” she asked, this time the smile crept across her lips no matter how hard she tried to conceal it.
“I’ll show you” he said as he pulled her up from her knees, kissed her a quick kiss and threw her onto the bed. She moved over as to get away from him and he grabbed her feet, pulling her to him. He unzipped her jeans, pulled them off and threw them to the floor. A smile crossed his face when he saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. He flipped her over and laid on top of her.
“I’ll teach you to be respectful bitch” he breathed into her ear. Goosebumps raised on her skin. A smile was planted firmly on her face as she knew what was coming and that with her being face down on the pillow, he couldn‘t see her excitement. He reached for the bottle of lube on the dresser and slathered his massive cock with it.
He slowly guided the tip of his dick to her ass. She sucked in her breath as it really was massive. He worked it in slowly, all the while making sure that he wasn’t hurting her.
“Are you sure?” he’d ask.
“Yes daddy” she’d reply until he was all the way in. That’s when she started begging. She begged him to fuck her. She begged him to do it harder. She begged him to rub her clit while he fucked her ass. This only excited him more.
“Yes baby girl, daddy will do anything you want” he told her as he pulled her up onto her knees and worked her clit as he pounded away on at her ass.
“Daddy?” she said.
“Yes baby girl?” he replied.
“I want you to start cumming in my ass, pull it out and finish all over my ass. Can you do that for me daddy? Please?” she begged.
“Anything for you baby girl” he said as he fucked her deeper and faster. Just the thought that she wanted that, drove him to orgasm. He shot deep and hard. He pulled out as he was cumming and as he did, she laid down to where he could finish his load onto her bare ass. He shot all over her lily-white ass as a final moan escaped her.
He reached up and used both hands to rub the creamy warm juice into her cheeks. She climaxed again at his touch. When he had the sticky substance completely rubbed in, he laid down at her side.
“You gonna get mouthy with me again babe?” he asked.
“You can count on it sugar” she said to him with a smile.

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My Second Short Story…The Beer Guy

The Beer Guy

By Leanna Harrow

Megan was the kitchen manager at the deli in a small roadside convenience store. She was like a lot of small town girls, twenty four, two small kids, an asshole for a husband, very pretty and she hated her job. She had to cover shifts when someone didn’t show up, make sure everything was ordered so they didn’t run out of product and had to see that the rating from the health department was outstanding even if it meant endless hours of cleaning because no one else that worked there would do it. Yes, she hated her job.

Another downside to her dead end, go nowhere job, was that on top of doing the work of three people, if someone didn’t come in for their shift, Megan had to stay and work it. She really hated that part of the “manager” title. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it really pissed her off. This night happened to be one of the nights she was really pissed off. The girl who usually worked on Wednesday nights hadn’t even bothered to call in and let Megan know that she wouldn’t be there. This had her really steamed. She had complained to Mary, the cashier on duty, for what seemed like hours.

“I just can’t believe Christy did me this way” Megan fumed.

“You need to just fire her Megan. I mean no call, no show, no job” Mary told her. “I know, I just might” Megan said as she emptied the bucket of ice into the ice machine.

The women kept themselves busy with the chores on the closing list so they could get out of there on time that night. It seemed to both of them that they were always late getting out of there but never paid any overtime.                                                                 “Where the hell is the beer guy?” Mary asked.

“I don’t know,” Megan said. “He’s usually here by now and it’s not like Billy to be this late on a Wednesday night” she finished.

“Well, all I can say is if he’s not here by eleven, I’m locking up” Mary said as she went to get the mop and bucket. Just as Mary had just gone into the back room, Megan saw the flash of headlights through the storefront windows. It was Billy. He was late, but he was there. Megan went to the back entrance, unlocked and propped the door open for him.

“Mary was going to lock it down if you weren’t her by eleven” Megan laughed as Billy pushed the dolly full of beer cases through the back door.

“How come that old bitch can’t be as sweet as you are Megan? It would sure make my life a lot easier” Billy said as he entered the cooler. Megan followed Billy into the cooler to help him stock it so they could all get out of there at a decent hour.

“I don’t know,” she started. “If everyone were as sweet and kind as I am, the world would be a much better place and we can’t have that now can we?” she teased putting a case of beer in it’s perspective place.

“No, I guess we can’t” Billy replied. Megan could sense Billy’s eyes on her. He was always checking her out. He was a very handsome man. He was twenty two years old, around six feet tall with dark brown hair and big brown eyes. He had a thin mustache and a brilliant smile that made Megan smile every time he used it on her.

“When are you going to dump that loser husband of yours and run away with me Megan?” Billy asked.                                                                                                               “I’m not Billy” she answered.

“Then when are you going to fuck me over a couple cases of tall cold ones Megan?” he asked as he leaned over and brushed her hair back from her face. Megan looked into his big brown eyes and could tell he wasn’t kidding.                               “Really Billy?” Megan asked. “Like I could get away with that, this is a public place you know” she finished pushing his hand away from his face and licking her lips.

“No one can see in here when the door is closed. Come on, take a chance, you only live once” Billy said flashing that brilliant smile of his making Megan weak in the knees.

It had been a while and she and her husband were constantly fighting. She went around the cases of been and jumped into Billy’s arms wrapping her legs around his waist. Her lips claimed his. He kissed her back just as feverishly. He carried her to the door and closed it quietly as to not alert Mary to what they were up to. He pinned her up against the wall as he used one of his hands raise her shirt up and slip it under her bra.    Megan sucked in her breath as Billy got a hold of her nipple between his thumb and index finger and began rubbing it. He was not gentle or loving. He was eager and rough and she liked that. Billy grabbed her chin with his free hand and kissed her wildly again. He released her and Megan slid down the wall of the cooler. It was cold but the heat she felt coming from her body made it bearable.                                                                 Megan grabbed the belt on Billy’s jeans and pulled it free. She worked the button free and unzipped his zipper. Billy wrapped his hands in her hair and pushed her downward. Megan went to her knees and pulled his pants and boxers down in one swift jerk. She looked up at him and smiled before she took his rock hard cock into her eager mouth. He smiled as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

“No Billy, watch me” Megan demanded. Billy looked into her eyes and thought he’d lose his load at just her command. He did as she said and watched as she licked the tip of his dick, licking the pre-cum off him and wetting him before taking him in slowly, inch by inch.

He took one hand from her hair and steadied himself using the metal rack that the sodas were kept on. Megan picked up her pace, sucking him hard and fast. She licked the top of his cock each time she came back up the shaft. Billy found it harder and harder to hang on as he wanted to grab hold of Megan’s hair and fuck that wet, warm mouth of hers like it was her pussy. As soon as she slowed her pace, Billy seized his opportunity to pull out of the warmth of her mouth and pull her to her feet.

“Your turn” he said as he undid the button on her jeans and pulled them to her knees. He turned her around and bent her over so that she could have a turn holding onto the metal rack. He used his foot to kick her feet apart so that he could enter what had to be her sopping wet, aching pussy. He would quickly find out he had been absolutely right about her sweet spot.

He positioned himself so that before he entered her, he could stroke her clit. Megan stifled a moan as she came. Billy reached under her shirt and grabbed her tits again as he slid his huge, aching cock into her. Megan nearly passed out at how good he felt shoved in her as far as he could go. She took him in and held him there for a moment before he proceeded to fuck the living shit out of her. With long, deep, deliberate strokes Billy fucked Megan as hard and fast as he could making her cum over and over again.

Megan thought she’d collapse from the sheer euphoria of his stroking. She hadn’t been fucked proper in a long time and Billy certainly knew what he was doing. Billy withdrew his hands from her shirt and grabbed her hips so that he could pull her to him as he pounded her.

Megan pushed against the metal rack with all of her might to keep it from banging against the wall and making a bunch of noise. She was also trying not to scream out as she came again. Billy was ramming her so hard she didn’t think she could keep quiet.

“Ready baby, I’m gonna blow” he told her.

“Yes, yes, yes” was all Megan could manage. With her final yes, Billy got off harder than he ever had before. He pulled Megan back onto him and emptied every bit he had into her. Megan tried to catch her breath but was having trouble as she too was coming harder than she ever had. Once the waves of ecstasy had subsided, the two of them pulled up their jeans and went back to unloading the beer and stocking the cooler.

They talked about how much they hated their jobs, the town they lived in and their spouses. They did both agree that the job just got a little better.

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