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Tell Them….NO MORE!

Take two minutes and tell your Congressman we will take NO MORE!


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A Must See For Every American!

I am sickened, saddened and applaud the young man at the end of this video and as the mother of a US Marine…that’s sad.

I have said it many times before…I’m proud to be an American…I am ashamed of my government!

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US Involvement in SYRIA!

PEOPLE! Take a few minutes out of your day and write your Congressman~

We are facing chemical warfare and as a mother of a US Marine…

~I’m begging you~

Type in your state abriviation at the end…TELL THEM NO! 


Flood their email, flood their twitter…all the information to reach them is there…

NOW is the time! We must stand together so we don’t fall together~SHARE PLEASE!


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