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Me, Myself & I…

Me: Wow…You guys have been awfully quiet lately…
Myself: That’s because you’ve been busy writing. You’ve allowed yourself to accept a deadline for an anthology and it’s quickly approaching!
I: *Shrieks* She never accepts deadlines! *Looks around for a corner to quietly cry in*
Me: I’ve got this.
Myself: Until the editor gets a hold of it…
I: *Gasps again* Oh Snap!


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Me, Myself & I…

Me: Man, what’s with all the flies and mosquitoes? Seriously!
Myself: Well…It is summer…
I: Oh Snap!
Me: Duh dip shit, I know that, but they are as thick as molasses and the mosquitoes are as big as my hand! It’s seriously disturbing.
Myself: That’s because of all the rain…You know it was an unusually wet June here…
I: Uh oh…double Snap! *waiting for the bomb to drop over the mention of rain!*
Me: Well played…

flies & mosquitos

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Me, Myself & I…

Me: Aww Crap!
Myself: What now?
I: I know! I know!
Me: They’re home! My “vacation” never lasts long enough…
Myself: Funny how it is that you’re never the one that goes anywhere on your “vacation”…
I: She likes it here…
Me: I don’t need to go anywhere. All those tourists, the noise, the hiked up prices in restaurants and the price of hotel rooms! Besides, God only knows when the last time the bedspreads were washed…No thank you! I’ll stay right here with B.O.B. and their stupid cats.
Myself: Suit yourself.
I: And, we can eat all the crap we want we want in the living room and no one will ever know!
Me: I’d like to know when I became the child and my child became the parent.
Myself: Aww…Good question.You knew it would eventually happen, but I have noticed that it is you, who does the sneaky things a spoiled, childish brat would do. Things you would have torn them a new ass for and then grounded them for, for months…
I: Oh Snap!
Me: Yeah, and they better never find about any of them!


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Me, Myself & I…

Me: Awe shit. I hope this tightening in my chest is just indigestion!
Myself: Well, you had your heart checked out a few years ago and the cardiologist said he wished half his patients had your heart. Since then, you’ve lost a few more pounds and taken a little better care of yourself.
I: The only thing you haven’t done is quit smoking.
Me: Listen you sniveling little whiner…I smoke because if I didn’t, I’d be huffing paint or sniffing glue to deal with the stress I’m under! I never used to have any problem handling stress and I’ve done it all without using drugs or alcohol…so get off my fucking back about the smoking! I quit, cold turkey for 11 days and then fell down a flight of stairs! I decided that if I was going to be in that kind of pain on top of RA, I’m going to smoke. It’s a choice and I choose to smoke…so fuck off!
Myself: Listen to yourself! All she said was that you hadn’t quit smoking and you went on a rant! You probably just raised your blood pressure to near dangerous territory and that alone is not good. Cardiovascular Disease is the major cause of death in the world. It’s brought on by many things and I’m sure that stress is one of the major contributors. You need to take up yoga, meditation or something for Christ’s sake. I think smoking is the least of your problems, a stroke is going to get you way before a heart attack does!
I: *has wandered off looking for cookies mumbling something about “getting laid”*
Me: Well played.

heart in hands

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Me, Myself & I…

Me: Oh my God! The agony!
Myself: I know right…Rheumatoid Arthritis is a killer! The pain is never ending but when the storms keep coming in and going out…it’s almost unbearable! I don’t know how you do it. You keep going and going. Even when you’re begged to stop and rest, you never listen.
I: It’s because “resting” only makes it worse…You know what they say…”A body at rest, stays at rest…A body in motion, stays in motion” *grimaces at the thought of what’s she’s just said*
Me: Don’t gimme that big pharmaceutical catch phrase bullshit! Do you think the suit that came up with that catch phrase knows what it’s like to suffer from this ailment for one fucking second? NO! That phrase just popped out of his high paid mouth and the rest of the suits were like, “good one dude!” It’s all to sell drugs with worse side effects than the affliction itself! Fuck them all!
Myself: You’re right…you should know, you’ve tried just about every medication on the market with little to no relief. You’ve even done most of the herbal and some Eastern remedies as well. Good thing you have the attitude you do about it.
I: Yep…“It could be so much worse.” should be your catch phrase!
Me: Yes it could be a LOT worse…It could be cancer, diabetes, or AIDS. So now shut up and let me take a nap or I swear to GOD Almighty that I’ll load you up so full of those prescriptions, you’ll have no choice but to sleep, for days!
Myself: Well played…
I: I guess it’s nap time…

Leanna Glamour shot

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Today’s Tease…Lexa Rose

Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy a chat with Today’s Tease Lexa Rose

Your Name:  Lexa Rose

Profession: Singer/songwriter

 Links to where we can find you: http://lexarose.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/user/LexaRose2525 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lexa-Rose/394413013978493?ref=hl

Welcome  LR…I, LH have some questions for you 😉

LH: I wanted to be a ballerina, race car driver and a private detective when I was little. What did you want to be when you grew up?

LR: I wanted to be on stage singing. It did not matter which genre I sang, I just wanted to perform for people.

LH: I can remember loving music since I was a little girl…when did your love of music start?

LR: I started singing and loving music since I was born. My dad used to be a drummer in a band and introduced me to all forms of rock. My mom was a singer and introduced me to other forms of music.

LH: I have no artistic talent other than writing. I have heard you play and I must say you are AMAZING! Are you self taught or did you take lessons and either way, how long did it take you to learn?

LR: I was self-taught most of my life, however, I began classical training when I was in 8th grade with a professor at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. I am pleased to say I am still taking lessons from her and in the midst of completing a Vocal Performance Major.

LH: I love music of all kinds. I have my headphones on all day long and when I’m writing, I’ll find a song or two and set in a loop to play until I finish the book. What kind of music do you listen to when you are not playing?

LR: During the school year I tend to listen to a significant amount of classical music. Partially because I am required to memorize many different pieces and know them by name and composer. However, I like to listen to any type of music including international artist. However, I do not favor country very much.

LH: I have way too many favorite songs. I’ve been that way all my life. It would probably be different if I played music. What is your favorite piece to play?

LR: I do not know! I have learned so many songs! Right now I really love the classical song Zeffieretti Lusingheri by W.A. Mozart.

LH: Inspiration just kind of “hits” me. Where do you find your inspiration?

LR: I am inspired by what is around me. The sounds I hear even in very day life. When you think about it, the sounds we hear have rhythms and melodies in them! It is like music I everywhere if you simply listen.

LH: Music is a great mood elevator for me, or it can have the opposite effect. Either way, I love it! How does music influence your moods?

LR: Music is my passion, love, and life. It keeps me sane and is the one thing I can always trust to help me through anything.

LH: I LOVE to shoot pool to unwind and relieve stress. What do you do to wind down?

LR: I usually work out; I am a cheerleader at UPS and really enjoy that. It gives you a break from schoolwork and musical duties, which is always nice.

LH: I’d give anything to be able to play a musical instrument…How many and what kinds of instruments do you play?

LR: My primary is singing, and I have the range of a high soprano. However, I can play violin, which I have been doing for 8 years. I am also in the midst of learning piano which I started this past year.

LH: I write for fun and not for fame or riches. I have been asked many times to collaborate with others but don’t feel comfortable doing that. Would you like to be part of a band or a solo artist?

 LR: I am open to collaboration, but I am particular with who I collaborate. If the other person is as invested into the collaboration as I am, and is doing it for the love of it, then I am happy to collaborate on a project/song.

LH: It’s guilty pleasure time! Mine is Grey’s Anatomy. I get mad when the season ends, can’t wait for the new season to begin, will be devastated beyond even daring to imagine when it ends and find myself crying at some point in nearly every episode! What one television show is your “guilty pleasure”?

LR: I really love Merlin or Charmed! Both great fantasy and action flicks!!

LH: I have things I want the world to know so I write books…Is there anything else you’d like the world to know about you?

LR: Yes, at the moment Dianne Gardner (author of the Ian’s Realm Saga) and I have been collaborating on an album using the poems from the trilogy. So far we have collaborated on the book trailer for the Dragon Shield (the second book in the trilogy) and Alex Chandler contributed the filming and editing for the trailer. The song in the trailer is on my website above (the band camp one) for purchase. The album will hopefully be completed by September this year! (That is the plan, but recording and writing does take quite some time!) Both Dianne and I are very excited for the album, as it will include her poems from the series put to music and one of my own original songs for fun! It also may include a violin piece as a teaser for one of her books called Cassandra’s Castle.

Thank you for that Awesome interview LR…Now… for the fun stuff!

Favorite Beverage? Hot chocolate

Airplane or Cruise ship? Airplane

Favorite Fruit? Apples of course

Meat & Potatoes or Fruits and Veggies? Fruit and veggies

Exercise or Bubble Bath? Exercise… and then a bubble bath!

Favorite Color? Pink

Take out or Dine in? Dine in

Camping or Hotel? It depends on the type of camping!

Sports or Chocolate? That’s tough… probably chocolate!

Dogs or Cats? Neither, bunnies all the way!

Favorite Food? Thai food

Favorite Song? There are many

Favorite Movie? The Back to the Future series

Favorite Car? A small car with a manual transmission

And now for the essay part of the interview 😉

If you could go anywhere for a week, with anyone you wanted and no one would ever find out about it…where would you go, what would you do and who would you take?

LR: I would go to Scotland by myself and explore the country. See the castles and talk to the citizens there to truly experience the culture.

Thank you for spending this time with us. Make sure to Check Lexa Rose 


http://lexarose.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/user/LexaRose2525 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lexa-Rose/394413013978493?ref=hl 

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Me, Myself & I…

Me: *Banging my head on the computer screen*
Myself: What on earth is she doing that for?
I: Because she took on another project! She’s agreed to upload YouTube audios of the radio show she does for Renegade Talk FM…and the first one was the show she did on Friday with John Quinlan…you know…the male romance cover model… He’s so yummy *sighs*
Myself: Is that why you’ve been stuffing your face with Lindor truffles for the past three hours?
I: Um, well, Hey! She’s the one banging her head on the computer screen!
Myself: Yes, well, have you heard his voice? He’s got that Boston accent and you know how she’s a sucker for accents… He’s also so very sweet and humble, more of her weaknesses. I know you’ve seen his pictures! I’m surprised she hasn’t broke out B.O.B…
I: I think you spoke too soon…
Myself: It was you and those damn Lindor’s!
I: Yay! B.O.B.

lindor truffles


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