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Chapter One~Killing the Desire~Adult Situations and Language

Chapter One-Killing the Desire

He stood over her, smiling, cock in hand. As he gently stroked it, he looked deep into her beautiful, deep, dark blue eyes. The kind of blue that you only find in the ocean waters of the Bahamas. They were blue, but they were sprinkled with tiny specks of green and gold.

My God, they are beautiful eyes, he thought as he got close to cumming again, those gorgeous eyes fixed on him. Those gorgeous, brilliant blue eyes!

They were deep, soulful, kind eyes. They were mesmerizing and captivating eyes. They were also dead eyes. He’d seen to that when he choked the life out of her with his bare hands fifteen minutes beforehand. She hadn’t been fucked proper in a long time, so he knew she had thoroughly enjoyed the fucking she had just endured. He could tell by the way things got a little rough. He liked it rough. Afterwards, when it came time to finish her off, this one hadn’t put up much of a fight. He had wondered a couple of times beforehand if she was going to be a problem as she was in pretty good shape for pushing fifty. She must have known she was no match for him because she really didn’t struggle much. She just kind of grabbed his hands, pulled at them a bit, opened those beautiful blue eyes of hers as wide as they’d go and went limp in his grasp.

No time to reminisce, he thought to himself as he shook off the image. It was time to clean up his mess. As good as jacking himself off felt, he had work to do. He knew that his ultimate release would come later, at home, when he replayed the scene of the actual moment he snuffed the life out of her over and over in his head. It would feel better than actually fucking her had.

He picked up her lifeless body and carried her into the bathroom. He placed her into the tub of hot water that he ran while he went into the laundry room to get the bleach. As he left the bedroom to go to the laundry room, he picked up the condom he used and its wrapper and placed them into the plastic baggie he’d brought with him. He placed the baggie into his pocket to take with him. He returned to the bathroom and poured the bleach into the tub to make sure he hadn’t left any evidence behind. As he watched the tub fill with more water, he thought about the mundane dinner they’d shared and the boring stories she told him about her “wonderful” children. She did mention the fact she had a couple of daughters. He wondered what it would be like to fuck them proper, too, and then choke the life out of each one of them as well.

He also wondered, If she’d known she was eating her last meal at that very moment, would she have gone ahead and ordered the dessert? The dumb bitch, what did she expect meeting strange men off the internet? He scanned the bathroom and bedroom to make sure he hadn’t left any other evidence behind before he returned the bleach to the laundry room and left. He was meticulous like that. He left her there, in the tub full of bleach water, eyes open, blank stare on her face, a smile on his, just like he’d left the others.

  * * * *

Their short-lived affair had started a little less than a month ago when Rebecca Harlow met him on a social media site. The site was a place where you could set up a profile, meet people, connect with family and friends, or just hang out and play games. He called what he did there “profiling.” That’s where he would look through profiles of women, pick out the ones that he found attractive, and befriend them.

Too bad for this woman, among others, that he picked her. She’d accepted his friend request, chatted with him for about three weeks, and then accepted his invitation to meet him for coffee.

Their first date had gone well. Rebecca found him very charming. He was tall, dark, handsome and young. His six-foot-two frame was long and lean. His face was tanned and chiseled. He was more than handsome, he was fucking hot and he knew it.

Rebecca was a beauty as well. She was five-foot-ten, one hundred fifty pounds, with long, dark red hair; full, thick, pouty lips; and big, beautiful, blue eyes. The kind of eyes you could get lost in. She had lily-white skin that was perfectly tanned. She had perfect tits and a great ass and didn’t look anywhere near her age of forty-eight.

Rebecca had four children that she had practically raised on her own as her husband was always gone. She had come from poverty, married rich, and divorced even richer. She had no need to work, so she spent her days at the pool, lunching with her adult daughters and girlfriends, or shopping. She was a kind, goodhearted woman with a penchant for young, good-looking men. Never in her wildest dreams, and she had plenty of them, did she think that her penchant would get her killed one day.

Rebecca usually introduced at least one of her daughters to the men she was dating but decided not to even tell them about the gorgeous young man whom she had met online. After all, he was eighteen years her junior and she was sure that he was just going to be a play thing so she was going to keep him all to herself, at least for the foreseeable future. After all, the age difference did make her a cougar, and she really hated that label because her kids and girlfriends teased her mercilessly about it. Not introducing them turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life.


Rebecca agreed to meet “Ben” at the local coffee house one mild autumn afternoon for coffee and conversation. Nothing too formal, just a meet and greet. They spent two and a half hours talking. They’d spent close to a hundred hours talking on the phone, chatting on the computer, and texting each other over the past three weeks, and she was amazed at how much information he had retained about her. He remembered that her favorite flower was the gladiola. He remembered her kids’ names. He even remembered that she didn’t like to be called Rebecca but “Becks.” When he wasn’t calling her “Beautiful” or “Gorgeous” or “Hottie,” he was calling her Becks. She really liked that.

She also really liked that he paid attention to her. That was something her ex-husband had never done. He was always away on business. When he was home, he was busy. He was busy playing golf, busy with his boat, busy with his friends, busy with something besides Becks. They’d been married for twenty-five years and divorced for two. Twenty-five of the best years of her life, four children, and all she got was the house, two cars and a three million dollar lump sum settlement in the divorce. During the last two years of their marriage, they had the most pathetic sex you could imagine: twice, and Becks didn’t even care. She’d discovered hot young men and a vibrator. She’d go to the University coffee shop, watch all the hard-bodied young men come and go, imagine them touching her, kissing her, fucking and sucking her, then go home and get her trusted dildo out and fuck herself into a frenzy. Who needed a husband? All she needed was his money, and she was good at spending it. She managed to spend over four hundred thousand dollars in the last two years of their marriage on “things,” as she’d tell him, when he’d bother to ask.

Little did he know that she had set up accounts in her kids’ names and socked away the money. Becks was not only a beautiful woman, she was one smart cookie when it came to looking after her kids.

After their coffee date, Ben asked Becks to have dinner with him a couple of days later. She eagerly agreed as it had been a long time since she enjoyed the company of a man, in any way, shape or form. Too bad it would be the last time.

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